Friday, April 30, 2010

Granny squares and drs

I have a new hobby its crocheting granny squares love them and will post pictures along with vacation pictures.

I have the okay from my family dr to pursue school he thinks it would be great for me. No gym classes though he said there should be alternatives I hope so.

I seen I will have to take a creative writing class and a math class its scary I will probably start in the fall. 5 years for a masters Mike said I should plan on getting my doctorite I told him lets do the bachelor and masters first I will be graduating with S at some point lol. 5 years of school Oh my gosh am I nuts?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Two things one huge one not so huge.

Two days before my 38th birthday as I lay awake last night not being able to sleep and thinking I want to explore more of life. I made a decision I am going to check into my local college in Edinboro and see what they can offer me. I want to be a social worker as long as I can remember thats what I wanted to do. I am hoping that they and I can work around this little annoyance of the md. Please pray for me that I am doing the sensible thing.

The other thing is I have been asked to start a blog about my childhood and the things I experienced. I dont want to bring all that back but maybe someone could get hope and help from it. I am not sure I want to do this. I found out some time ago that Terry is dying and my mom wanted me to go make peace with him. I have no desire to make peace with him. I told my mom that I would probably just help him die faster. Therapy and just not thinking about that has been a huge help to me and I am in a good place in life. I just dont know.

Friday, April 23, 2010


While in Arkansas I got hooked on a new food called hummus. I loved it there then I came home and bought some which I thought would be yummy it wasnt :(.

Can you make hummas or is there a brand that is better then the other? Please I need input.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I dont understand.

I am a news junkie and I love the show The First 48 for all that are not familiar with this show it follows real life homicide cops investigating murders.

Erie Pa is the third largest city's in Pa we are about 30 to 45 minutes from Erie. The city of Erie has had 4 homicide cases this year and the age of the killers have been 17 and 18 years old one guy was 67.

The 17 and 18 years old are black and drugs and/or robbery or just plain hate have been involved and the more The first 48 I watch I see the same thing.

It makes me want to ask what is wrong with our teens. Or better yet what is wrong with our society or the parents. I am raising two teens I dont let them get anything or watch or listen to anything they want they know if they dont follow me and Mikes rules there are consiquences. Tonight I asked J why he was failing two subjects and where his homework assignments were which resulted in him throwing a fit and getting grounded. I wonder how many parents of these teens asked them that?

But I am not blaming the parents here either I guess there is no one to blame is there it just makes me wonder why these young ones are throwing their lives away?

Is it drugs, money the easiness of guns who knows but somewhere someone has to have the answer.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

vacation,drama, and all that good stuff.

My blog has given me grief stating that it didnt exist grrr. My trip was awesome and I had a great time I plan on going back next year. I have some pictures to post and will as soon as I get permission from my friends. I loved the plane rides except the landing dont like the landings so well.

There is talk among my family not in my house if I cheated on my husband I can assure everyone that knows me and that reads my blog that I would never do that and these rumors will not be addressed again I am going to do my best to ignore it.

And my internet is fixed that is another post for another day. Hughsnet will not be getting a recommendation from me.

More to come.