Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I want to scream but I wont cause it wont do anygood.

Oh my goodness my family has totally lost their minds and is trying to take me down with them.

This is going to be a rant possibly a long one or not. I am annoyed with my husband its not his fault totally but some of it is first time in 17 years I thought about leaving for the night.

My brother is grumbling at me cause I havent exactly been kind to Mike but its hard being frustrated with him and the lack of a job and not a lot of income and a lot of bills.

Then I had a conversation with my mom tonight that just topped everything off. She is mad cause I didnt come over Mothers day I told her a couple weeks ago that I didnt really want to do anything for Mothers day as I wanted to be alone and mourn the 1st year anniversary of my mom in laws death yeah I know insensitive then I tried to take flowers over and she had a fit cause I spent the money on her.

Then she told me that S is lazy and we are allowing this to happen cause we dont make the kids go over and stay. Then tells me not to be mad then she starts in about she doesnt understand why I want to go to school that I will loose my SSI hmmmmmm mom maybe I can be a functioning member of society.

Tomorrow I am going over to spend the day with my bestest friend in the world.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Ummm cant think of a title

Well I have applied to Edinboro College please cross your fingers I get accepted. I have been wanting to blog about my vacation which was awesome and I need to repeat it next year but I might be in school so I may not be able to repeat it.

2nd Sunday it will be a year since my mom in law left us I have learned so much from her passing I need to do a blog about my feeling on that which are better then what I thought.

But life is so busy right now and new adventures keep popping up.