Sunday, August 29, 2010

What did I do

Here it is the night before I start classes tomorrow and all day going through my brain is what did you do and why did you do it?

I wonder if this is what a man asks himself when hes having a midlife crisis. I am not having a midlife crisis I know why I did this and I think it will be fine and maybe fun. I did not enjoy school it was awful for me so this is my do over.

I intend on learning and I really want to help women could we even say somewhat change the system. Or maybe work with children.

Just right now I have a tummy full of butterflies.

Friday, August 13, 2010

I need a virgin or two please.

I know today is Friday the 13th I know people say that Friday the 13th is bad I say hogwash wait let me rephrase that maybe not so hogwashish.

Today was to be my non hospital day I had to do somethings to get ready for school and S had therapy and it was a nice day to go swimming so we headed to the local rec complex and they are closed due to a fundraising event. No problem we can roll with the punches and go somewhere else to swim.

So S and her friend swim and they decided maybe we could go to a couple thrift stores and shop cause thats what females do the best right?

We all pile in the car and go and I smell fluid oil or something like that and my car is not running right so I pull over and call my husband and he said you need to have it towed.

Nice I have S and her friend and S's therapist in the car the car isnt moving with transmission fluid all over the road. Yeah nice just what I need.

I need to make an offering to the Gods. How many virgins are needed to get the universe back in alignment?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Take two? Hopefully with a different ending

So Sunday I am sitting on the loveseat whining that I am sick and I hear an ambulance call for an address and it was my moms she had fallen out of her chair so I quit whining about sick I was and headed to the hospital where they were taking her.

She was quite confused and not breathing very well they put her on a bipap machine and admitted her into specialized care got her stable and I went home.

The hospital called me at 8 30 Monday morning and said we are life flighting her to Erie.

The craziness has begun I was up 30 plus hours before I came home and slept only cause the social worker on her floor told me I had to leave and get some sleep and not allowed back on the floor at the hospital for 24 hours unless there is an crisis.

Plus she called Mike and told him that they could not allow me to drive I am thankful that she watched out for me (although I couldnt see straight to drive).

Ummm my mom is on a venalator her kidneys are not working right but things are improving. They are weaning her off the venalator a little at a time its going well she has an infection somewhere but they cant find it.

We are taking this hour by hour every little improvement and milestone as we can. But the flashbacks and the last ending to this story before went so wrong.

I am rambling from being sleep deprived pray please.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

still here

I drug my sick bottom end into our local urgi care and they wouldnt treat me. Sent me to the emergency room. Two huge bags of fluid 2 injections through the I.V for the nausea and they sent me home. The blood work showed its probably a virus.

I am so tired and blah but at least the nausea is gone.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Today was to be a busy day S had therapy for some anxiety issues and then an orthadonist visit (the braces are off) Well I havent moved at all all night I have been sick to my stomach bad sick.

Her therapist came out and got her and I have slept all day and would just like to curl up and die but that would require me feeling so much better. Because I am sick I hurt and dizzy so I get grief from people when I ask them to go get stuff from the store.

Not my husband but my brother and my son. I hope they catch this bug and I can be mean and hateful to them (no not really).

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wow I took a blogger break.

Wow I took a blog break there has been things going on in my life that I didn't want to put into words. Lots of changes have been going on here.

1. I am going to school classes start Aug 30th I am so excited this has been a long time dream I am going for my masters in Social work with the goal of working with abused women.

2. Mike is working not what he wants to be doing but its a job and this is a good thing first time in my 18 years of marriage I was wondering if this marriage was going to last or If I was going to be in jail for murder.

3. My mom almost died I found that our journey is not over and I need to forgive her for some issues and move on. That being said I will guard my heart and keep my emotions close so not to get hurt.

4. Life is good my paxil has been reduced I cant believe that I have came so far since my mom in law passing. It amazes me that I have came so far and for that I have her to thank.

And I promise no more blogging breaks for 3 months but life maybe get a little busy with school.