Sunday, February 20, 2011

kindle and school

This semester I have been struggling. 5 classes with most of the classes being on Tues and Thursdays I start at 10 and my last class is done at 8 its a long long day. There is an hour between psyc and english and I was taking my math with me to get it done. There are 2 hours between english and sociology (two sociology classes). Its a crazy schedule and I was feeling overwhelmed.

Do I drop one, do I drop to part time will my kids and husband remember me? I talked with one of my professors in the sociology class and he said he would let me take the class as an indepedent study class. I am still responsible for final and all papers due but wouldnt have to be in class. Might do that

I was talking to Mike spring break is 2 weeks away and the end of the semester is at the beginning of May. I am going to try and stick it out. But I swear I will never cram 5 classes like this again.

Mike bought me a kindle for our anniversary and I love it. In fact I took it to school with me Thursday cause I didnt have any math homework due. It was heavenly to sit and just read (pleasure not school). Maybe thats what I need to do is take a break between them two classes and just chill.


  1. Excellent idea about relaxing between classes. Try really hard to enjoy keep your joy of reading. When I got my masters I did no reading for pleasure and I lost it and after 9 years I am still working on getting back to reading for pleasure.

    P.S. It's great reading your blog posts...your writing skills are really improving.

  2. Thank you Caroline. I have a writing class this semester so the professor will be happy her work is paying off. I am going to try to keep my love of reading.