Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lazy Saturday and mail

Today in the mail Mikes January paystub came into the mail so I have to take them back into the social security office. Watch cnn for a crazy woman who flips out in a SS office then yall can say hey I read that crazy womans blog. It still makes me mad. Grrrrrrrr

Nothing going on here today its been a lazy day I took the drummel to Buffords nails he didnt like it but I still have my fingers and he has shorter nails so its good all the way around.

My PSA (public service announcement) comes from J for yall you dealing with snow please make sure fire hydrants are unburied he says they are very important for saving your house. He did that thursday all over town well him and the other Jrs that the older men wanted to torture.

I have decided I am getting my hair cut and highligthed to cover the grey or maybe I should way but if I wait to much longer I will look like an old cousin it.

Well that is all stay warm and have a good day all.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Frustraiting day with a threat of an escort out.

First the kittens are all doing fine and seem to be their normal lovable furry selves. They have made up to me and Mike and seem to hold no hard feelings towards us. Lots of treats have helped.

I took Mikes laid off paper into the Social Security office today and that is where my trouble began. Mind you I have never been in trouble. My case worker says to me you know unemployment benefits are unearned income and we will take more of your money because of your husbands benefits.

First I tried to explain that unemployment benefits should not be considered unearned income my reason is you have had to do something to earn them. Not anyone can get unemployment. She told me I was wrong I said that needs to change in my opinion and this is where it when from bad to worse.

She also told me that they would count that against me more then his wages which is bull crap. I said so we have less income to live on and your taking more of my check she said that is the law.

At this point I am so frustrated that I have tears coming down my face which frustrates me even more. I told her very polietly that that does not make sense to me. She tries to explain it again and I stop her and say I understand what your saying I dont understand how its right to be getting less and them take more from my check. At that point she says Mrs Rice if you dont leave the security guard is going to escort you out.

I said excuse me and she said it again and at this point the security guard walks over and asks if there is a problem I said I dont have a problem and my caseworker tells me that she needs to see the last paystub that Mike gets from work. I said fine and walked out. She called me later and asked if I understood what she was saying.

Again I told her that I complety understood what she was saying I just didnt agree with what she was saying then she said well that is the rule and we have to obey the rules. I replied well its a stupid rule. I still dont understand how they can classify unemployment as unearned income.

Oh another good thing that happened today is that we lost our Blue Cross Blue shield. It ended no notice no 30 days no nothing luckly we have state coverage.

As I was talking to the Assistance case worker I told her about my conversation with the SS caseworker and she said you are right. But I am up against the government and bueracy and they dont do what is fair and not everyone fits into their catagory.

I guess I can tell anyone who thinks that I have never been in trouble that I was almost given a security guard escort out.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kitten update

They are home the one female Indy was starting to come into heat so I am glad this is done. They are all stoned out of their cute furry minds and will probably sleep the rest of the night. Total cost was 499.20 which includes rabies and stitch removal for the females.

The good the bad and possibly cute

First my mom did call about 11 30 last night and I told J this morning. She said she had a bad day yesterday and it compelty slipped her mind.

Mike is laid off indefianly due to the lack of work. The good is we have a lot of tax money left so will be fine for awhile and he has 2 weeks of vaction pay coming. Please keep us in your prayers one he finds a job till they call him back. Two I dont get the urge to hurt him I am used to having days to my self this is going to be weird for all.

The bad news is his unemployment will affect my ssi they will hold more of it cause its unearned income. Which is another discussion for another day. On the plus side I believe he will have 9 months of unemployment coming.

Our house payment should go down. The bad news here is the paperwork to get it to go down is exhausting. And I probably wont have any hair left after its all filled out they always send requests for this form or that form.

The kittens are at the vets which is good bad is its going to be almost 500 dollars. But again oh well thats the price you pay for having animals.

They were mad no food since 8 p.m. last night the big cats were upset also and Bufford cause I had to put the water dish up too.

Mike is out snowblowing after the dumping. The good news here is it has stopped snowing. Yaaaaay

Now for the cute . Tiggs tried to lobby for the kittens to be let out of their cages he was meowing right along with them.

Have a good day all I am.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I try not to let the feeling I have for my mom be known to the kids. I want them to have a relationship with her though right now with limits ( she see them at my house). Today is J birthday and we were to have cake and ice cream and mother nature dumped a good foot of snow on us.

My inlaws called and said they may not make it but in the end did. I didnt expect my mom to come the weather is terrible my brother called and said he wasnt coming and doubted mom was either I said to him well it would be kind of nice if she would let me know ( there was supper involved). I finally called her at 4 30 and she said no she wasnt coming and hung up.

J asked me if she had called while he was at school or tonight to wish him a happy birthday. I said not yet J but its early. I didnt tell anyone about the conversation with my mom about why I choose today to have cake and icecream and I said well mom it is his birthday and she said but saturday or sunday would be better for me.

I want to tell him yes your grandma called and she didnt forget your birthday. But then its wrong to lie to your kids and I cant lie to him if I expect him to always be honest with me. I dont know what to do. Its hard sometimes between protecting them and being honest with them. His fire chief invited the kids go to sledding so I am going to put my feet up.

Happy Birthday J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday to my son who has made it to 15 there were some days that I could have shaken the stuffing out of you. But your dad and I are very proud of the young man you are becoming. You have found your niche in community service with the fire dept which makes us very happy.

You are a great trumpet player. Your grades are pretty good and your generally a very happy person.

I remember you were born in an ice storm. You love winter. HMMMM wonder why. You decided to show up on my favorite aunts birthday and she was happy to share the day with you (although I took a lot of slack from the other aunts). I cant wait to see what this year brings. We love you.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Let down

Today as I was talking to my friend who I consider a good friend we talk everyday I was telling her that I enjoy the wii. She told me she cant believe that I would have wasted money on something so stupid. She went on to say she cant believe she has a friend that would be so stupid.

I immediatly went back to the little girl (although I am getting better at letting that go) listening to my mom tell me I was stupid. This friend is someone that I love and thought we had a great friendship not so much anymore. I told her that in no uncertain terms will I let her treat me that way.

Does she feel this way cause Mike might get laid off no she doesnt the reason she feels this way is because she thinks the wii is one of the most stupidest inventions. Hell she wont read my blog because google is evil. I want to yell and scream at her I want to tell her I think she is making bad decisions in her life but I dont I try to support her even though I disagree with her decisions they are hers to make though.

Do I deserve the same respect? Yes I do. Should I get into this discussion again I should tell her if you are going to be my friend then treat me like a friend even when I buy products you dont like. Do I know if I will talk to her again maybe I would like to salvage the friendship. Am I going to let her verbally abuse me no way.. I am hurt as I should be.

It will work its self out I tell my heart. If it doesnt then it wasnt a true friendship.

Todays mail and kittens

In todays mail there was a brochure for a boarding school in Hershey Pa, If I had the money I would be so tempted to sign them up. My friend pointed out that I would be terribly bored and miss them. I said after maybe after a couple weeks. I would probably miss them and I like them so they stay.

Onto kitten news they are going to the vets thursday to be spayed and or neutred depending on which sex they are 3 femals 1 male. It is going to be 450 dollars with a discount ouch. But if we are going to be pet owners then we need to be responsible and take no risks of more kittens so I will cry when I make out the check but will know that if they ever get outside I wont have to worry about more kittens. I need to go and hang a certain daugther upside down and let the attitude leave her head. Later all

Monday, January 26, 2009


Today is the first day that the kids have actually stayed at school all day. They came home at 10:30 friday morning cause of a water main break. My kids are pretty good but one can only take so much bickering about the wii or what one wants to watch on the big tv.

One thing I have noticed a certain little girl that lives in this house believes she is a princess and princesses are above doing chores she loves to protest tonight as I asked her to do something she gave me attitude I told her in no uncertain terms that she will get over the attitude or she can be grounded indefinatly. I loved her attitude at one time she was born a fighter which was a good thing cause for a while she was really sick and it was touch and go.

The boy who will be 15 on wends has an attitude all of his own. I told him tonight he can loose it or not live to see 15. He reminded murder is illegal I told him that all I have to do is find a jury of 15 year old mothers I will be found innocent and given a medal.

As I was talking to Mike tonight I said I would rather deal with the terrible twos then teenage attitudes.

I know it will get better and we are not dealing with drugs and alochol. There grades are impressive the above mentioned princess has made honor roll again. For that I am thankful for but I could do without the back talk but I guess you cant have it all.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Anniversary gift

Febuary 13th is my 16 year wedding anniversary. How we have made it this far is amazing as all of our brothers (5 total no girls) have been divorced. Mikes brothers (3) are all on their second marriage and some of them arent going well. My 2 brothers are still single after their divorces.

Anyways with some tax money we picked out a 47 inch lcd tv and I told Mike that we really shouldnt do this and he said why not we dont eat out, we dont drink, we dont go clubbing, or do the bingo scene. He said to me this is our anniversary gift to each other. Last year it was the washer and dryer.

I talked to my mom today before she found out from an outside source about the wii and tv what we have done and she said oh you could have gotten a nice ring for that price and I thought for a moment and said no like this better.

I am not a selfish person. I like doing for my family I like sharing with Mike and the kids. A new tv will be enjoyed by all. The picture is totally amazing although you would think for the price it would come with picture in picture but oh well. And on top of the tv he promised a night out either at the casino or movies, I would rather go to the movies I think not as expensive as the casino. And dinner Yaaaaay me

And directv is coming in a couple weeks to hook up a dvr box. No more missing Monk cause I keep forgetting hes on.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Everyone had a great time playing wii I am afraid that I am falling for that contraption. As I was thinking about going to bed I told Mike that I have to blog first he looked at me like I had three heads.

I had a blog on wordpress. I didnt really like wordpress blogger is a lot easier to use and now I have some readers it just felt weird not blogging. So I have blogged I can go to bed more tomorrow about today.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Wiii and almost 50 degrees

Dang muscle Gods did not respond the way I would have liked my day started at 4 a.m. between the kitten trying to eat my nose and my legs hurting I just got up and said the heck with it.

We broke down and bought the kids a wiii (I am sure the adults will enjoy too) we have our first wii party scheduled for tomorrow night my mil and fil are coming out and we are going to bowl it should be interesting.

The other big news it got up to 50 degrees. Mike and I were walking without coats on almost all day but its not going to last long artic air is moving in. Well that is all going to play wii.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A letter to the muscle gods

Wow two posts before 9 a.m.

Dear Muscle Gods,

I know yall are fickle some activities say like moving the washer back is going to make you angry and will try not to make you angry. In return I ask that you dont get upset over sleep. I dont like starting the day hurting in the legs or hips.

So could we please come to some understanding I am all for keeping yall happy but I expect some cooperation here. I know you guys dont like the cold I cant help that the hubby isnt willing to move to somewhere tropical and I think the sand would get on my nerves after awhile.

I eagerly wait for a response.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Freedom Writers

My neighbor was kind enough to share the erie times with me and one day she pointed out an editorial that she wanted me to read and it was where a school board had fired a woman for using the story The Freedom Writers diary as an text it was outlawed in the school that was mentioned.

As I read that I got angry. I felt bad for this teacher I wanted to rally for this teacher who was just trying to reach her kids. Last night I gave up Parking wars and Hannah Montana (yeah I know kid show) to watch the movie on showtime which is free till march. I was glad no one was watching with me cause I cried and let me just say Patrick Dempsey (Dr. Mcdreamy from Greys Antiomy) was a total jerk. This movie is based on a real life story and the teachers name is Erin Gruwell. The lenghts this woman did for these troubled kids are unbelivable.

I recommend everyone watch that movie and I am going to read the book. This got me thinking about a conversation that I had with my son. He is to be carrying a B average to not loose priviledges which includes fire school. I see yall saying but he serves the community I know this but his education has to come first.

He is missing some assignments in science and has a D. Luckly his other classes are As , and Bs. I emailed his teacher and said if there is anymore missing assignments please assign him detention. J said to me mom you cant tell my teachers to give me detention. Sorry son I already did. Just has he has expections so does S hers are little more difficult she is expected to carry all a's and b's. I expect the same from J but he learns different.

As I was watching Freedom Writers it struck me how lucky we are to live in a school district that will fight for the kid and not let them fail. The other day I was in the elemantry school to pick up S and J's six grade teacher came into the office and said Hi Mrs. Rice how is my boy doing. My friend lives in Las Vegas, NV her school district could care less if her kids fail and do their homework.

I think we need to support kids any way we can especially teens I am tired of hearing he is up to no good cause hes a teen. We need to support our kids teachers and not make their jobs harder. We need to lobby our school boards to give supply the teachers with supplies.I recommend everyone watch this movie. Have a good day all

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Is there a restraining order in my future?

I have declared undying love for a blanket that is safely in the trunk of our local police department cars. I met this blanket sitting in a chair outside waiting for an ambulance in mid August it was a tad chilly and Bufford had tripped me.

But I have let the blanket go and I now have a new love. This morning while trying to get the kids convinced that after 5 days at home there was school and yes I was willing to risk injury to them going out in the cold to get to school the weather man uttered my most favorite words.

Lake Erie is ice covered well all but 15 percent of the lake but its not enough to effect us he thinks and he better not be wrong. Yesterday taking Bufford out the snow was almost up to my knees along the edge of the driveway but keep in mind I am 5 foot 2 inches. And it gets snowblown so probably not an accurate measure but damn thats a lot of snow.

Now if it would just warm up. Today as I sent the kids off to school it was - 5.9 which is a tad chilly. How many days till spring.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Instead of talking about the new president and how happy I am I am going to talk about the silly thing I did last night that caused me to miss the swearing in.

We have a front loader washer and dryer (love them totally worth the money). They sit on pedastals last night after everyone went to bed I finished up laundry as I was watching Intervention (so glad not addicted to anything) I heard a crash then a beep telling me the washer was done.

I walked in and there is the washer half off the pedastal so in my brain it said you can totally slide it back how hard is it going to be your not lifting anything.

I shouldnt have listened I have seriously pissed off the muscle gods in my back and neck. I have done the flexerall and tylenol with ice and heat. I couldnt even get comfortable on the bed

I was up till 5 a.m. When I finally was able to get comfortable. So I missed history being made I just couldnt get myself up to get movivated to watch it. Going to see it on CNN or youtube here in a minute.

The other thing I wanted to blog about is Pepper as evil as she is I love her. Last night she had a seizure the second one this month I am waiting to hear back from the vet when I can get her in and if they will work with us on a payment. Today she has just slept no evilness at all. She didnt even try to eat the mailman. Will update later with the vet.

Monday, January 19, 2009

My hopes for the next 4 years

I am posting this today I would like to see President Obama sworn in today but I am not going to get my wish oh well thats life. Martin Luther King Jr must be dancing and shouting in heaven who would have thought a black man would hold one of the highest postions in America.

On election day I remember having to go to Pittsburgh with my mom as she was having a minor surgery done and Mike and I had voted before she picked me up. She asked who I voted for and I told her and I knew there was going to be trouble.

My mom said there was no way she could have a daughter who would vote for a black man that is not the word she used but I wont repeat it. We had this discussion before the election and told me I needed to vote for McCain no way was that happening.

Mike is sleeping as I type that he has a job for at least another week. So many guys are getting layed off right and left at his shop I get nervous everytime the phone rings after hes left saying I am laid off.

There is no way we can afford our house payment on unemployment benefits. Hell there are months that we cant afford the house payment on his salary at all. But they take it right out of his check so no choice. I hope that the economy straightens out. I hope we stop shipping good paying jobs overseas.

My old neighbor was telling me that her brother lost his job to Mexico and on top of loosing his job he had to go to Mexico and train the guy that was taking over his job.

I hope that we stop giving millions of dollars in bonuses to CEOs that run their companies into the ground for example my bank National City is being taken over by PNC cause they are in trouble (National city) PNC is giving their CEO 8.1 Million dollars.

I hope everyone gets health care insurance that they can afford or that at least prescriptions are covered my friend cant get her inhaler paid for which is stupid.

I hope this war in Iraq and Afghanistan is stopped. No more deaths I am not going to say seneseless deaths cause my friends in the Stryker Brigade want to be there to do their jobs but lets hope they are put of jobs soon and come back safely to their family and friends.

I hope he stops this no child left behind mess. That topic is for another day.

I hope as Americans we give President Obama the chance to get comfortable in the job and to give him 100 days before we start critizing him. Them are my hopes for the future there are more I hope for such as affortable college for my children but again another post for another day.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

State Repensentives

For all new to the program my 15 year old son is a Jr. Firefighter. Last night they had a banquet to honor the fire dept members and people that work with them like borough council the police dept and other surronding departments.

As I was standing in line to sign in and get my ticket for the door prize this guy introduced himself to me and said his name was Brad Roae I remember him because he ousted our last repensentive that was there for almost 12 years. We talked for a few minutes and then parted ways we really didnt talk about anything meaningful.

As I was sitting with my daughter and some friends chatting he came over to me and asked if my husband was a member of the fire dept I said no my son was and he was a jr and he said really I said yes and he asked if he could sit and talk for a few minutes. He was telling me that he is a firefighter in East Mead township which is not all that far from us and that his department has no jrs and jrs are essential to the department as they are its future.

He asked me how I got J into the dept I didnt he was assigned community service for a wrong he did and fell in love with the idea. Although he likes this better then painting curbs and pulling weeds out of the community flower bed.

I said it seems like if a teen is going to volunteer for a community then maybe there should be a scholarship or reduced tution at state colleges . He said you know that is an excellent idea. Which made my head swell someone in authority telling me that my idea was excellent I am hopeful he will take this idea and do good with it. J also was the second top jr responder with 34 calls he joined in may so that is pretty good also had the most volunteer hours of the jrs for the summer carnival.

Weather wise its a whole 30 degrees a heatwave I tell you.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beauty hurts

That was the quote in my house this morning as my daughter was brushing her teeth. Why you ask would a 12 year old say that let me explain nursing and no binki or thumbsucking has given her a very crowded mouth and a major overbite.

The dentist said take her to an orthadonist. We went to the orthandonist and he had this look on his face that he could finally afford that long awaited sailboat. 5 pulled teeth later she is sporting 4000 dollars (yes that reads four thousand) dollars worth of metal in her mouth. Thank God for insurance. My most mumbled phrase in this house to her is brush your teeth we are so dedicated to her taking care of the teeth we bought her a 100 dollar toothbrush.

People look at me like I have lost what little sanity I had and ask why would we buy a child a toothbrush like that I say cause there is 4000 dollars of metal in her mouth. She broke a wire this morning the orthadonist said he will fix it Monday.

So my question what have yall done to look pretty.

(before anyone comments that I am torturing her for looks this medically needed done also)

Friday, January 16, 2009

%^$****^%^*%^#$%@#%^&%^ Weather

In case yall are confused by the title its me swearing the next question is why would I be swearing the answer is a couple things. I meant to talk about my t.v. viewing habits which will be nil after they get done with ER although I do like Life on Mars. I also wanted to talk about President Bush's speech last night, and how I am getting stactic from the Social Security people actually I still may talk about that.

First they cancelled school today it was -10 with windchill minus -35 at the local airport. My friend in Alaska is at a balmy 25 degrees. Since when did Northwestern Pa become Anartica. So my lovely soon to be 15 year old is giving me attitude cause he acutally did study for his midterm and now wont go back till wends they are off mon and tues. Lucky me. I told him it was not my idea to cancel school. He went on a fire call while me and Mike were grocery shopping he comes back in and I tell him he still has to do his chores which is unloading and loading the dishwasher and he said to me why do I still have to do chores when I was out serving the community. Okay kid your birthday is a couple weeks away you dont have to see 15 might want to loose the attitude.

Sarah is loving this she got a pj day she even put all the groceries away usually its her giving me attitude and James helping hmmmmmmm wonder if they switched brains.

Onto the Social Security office I am so frustrated with them a week ago today I asked them to lower Januarys wage estimate still not done I called and she said we are so behind so that isnt going to happen anytime soon. I am thinking but it takes five minutes. If I am late with my paystubs they are asking if I am coming in I always try to have them in early before the month is up but when Mike gets the last pay of the month we take them in unless I am going the other way or its nasty out then I will mail them. I have called her 3 times at least it would have been nice if she would have returned my call and been polite about it but I guess she is stressed with being so behind.

One nice thing about the cold it makes the snow crystal fine it was so pretty last night taking Bufford out. It is going to be a long 4 days but at least there is food in the house I hate grocery shopping but so glad when its done. On the bright side we kind of looked at t.v. s and have an idea of what we are going to buy.

We have Directv so our old tv is going upstairs in my room and that tv is going to tv heaven. Its nice when I cant sleep.

Everyone stay warm and enjoy the cold when penguins and polar bears show up I will take pictures.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My reluctance to technology

I dont have a myspace, facebook or twitter account the horror you say everyone has one or several. I was quite happy just dealing with the blog I am not sure how many more posts I can do on the cold and snow.

Also how many posts can I do on my children and how crazy they can drive me over a calvin and hobbs book ( the fight this morning). I am so not a morning person usually cause I have slept poorly the night before. So everything has to be packed and organized the night before just to keep me sane although Sarah has forgotten her shoes two days in a row her teacher told her if she forgets them today no recess she remembered they can be sitting right beside her messenger bag and out she walks without them. Okay on to the post.

As I was reading the local news online for all that is interested they had a headline that caught my attention and it was Erie times news goes to twitter. I am thinking why does the news need to go to twitter are we in such a hurry that we cant go to the site or is there so much news that they need to post on twitter.

So it looks like I either need to join the above mentioned pages or be the only one in America that is left in the dark and cant get her depressing news every second of the day. Fights and the economy and people burning cars for insurance money then boo hooing cause they get caught.

And the weather for all those interested it was a whole 2 degrees when the kids left for school this morning. Although I guess I shouldnt complain from what the weather man said Minnasota is -10 and that was air temp not windchill factured in.

There may be a post later today or tomorrow and it will be titled T.V. and what to do when they cancel almost all of your favorite shows. Stay warm and have a good day everyone.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Go Away Winter

I think I have a whole two readers yaaaaay me oh well. Its all good

It is a whole 15 degrees with a windchill of -10. Its offical I am done with winter and Friday they are promosing a foot of snow lovely. The dog is wild cause its to cold for her to have a long walk Bufford looks at me like girl I am not going out in this I refuse. Then takes 10 minutes to find the perfect spot.

I keep threatning to move somewhere tropical with no kids or hubby. Only a bathing suit and some alochol and a server that says your wish is my command or how may I serve you. I also keep threatning to build a bonfire in the dining room but I think the fire dept and the mortage company and the insurance company may have an issue with that plan.

Going to cuddle under a blanket or jump into the furnace or dryer. I find them snuggi commericals so stupid and annoying but it looks warm there is an idea I will go put my robe on backwards.

How many days till spring.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Comments and how to take them.

There is a blog I read and I need how to learn to link because we are talking about the same thing comments and how to take them. Yesterday I had to call the Social Security Office and never being able to get through to the local office I called the 800 number.

I wont talk about about how the automated system cant get the last name of Rice but understands Vanderhoff (my moms maiden name). A guy comes on and takes my information and says to me dang girl your young what the heck are you doing on SSI. Several thoughts went through my head as I was surprised by his statement.

The First thought was rude and I didnt say it. The second thought was why is this guy questioning this and I did ask that and he said I didnt mean anything negative by it I was just trying to protect you. Which led me back the the first rude thought but again I didnt say it.

I said to him that if I had a choice to make and could pick work over trying to make a measly 200 dollars that I get most months some months none at all stretch I would rather work. I would rather not deal with the Musclar Dystrophy that tries to control my life.

I would not deal with pain or the guessing of am I going to sleep or not. I would rather not deal with the chance of falling outside and having the local police and ambulance crew help me up and check me out. That happened once.

Nor am I going to let him guilt me into feeling bad that I get a little bit of money from the government I look at this way Mike works Mike pays into this program I am not frauding the goverment by any means my disabilty is real. As I was explaining the diagnoses to this gentleman I got angry. Angry that I had to explain this. I asked for his supervisor and at this point he is apologizing all over himself.

Nothing is going to be done to this guy or at least I doubt it. His supervisor informed me that they get bogus claims all the time and there are people that will abuse the system. I understand that however I take issue with being treated as one of these people there are several ways I could cheat to get more money but I dont. I take Mikes paystubs into the local office way before they are due.

I request on 5 pay months that I dont get any money till the end of the month in case we are over the income which most cases we are. January being the exception cause his shop was closed for several days.

I feel really offended by this and I stood up for myself the best way I could and I was polite and tactful in doing it. Then it got me to thinking arent we all a little guilty of the same thing.

Let me explain before yall are calling for my head. How many times have we seen someone park in a handicapped spot and that person didnt look handicapped ( I know there is people who park there that shouldnt) but are actually disabled. How many times have we said to some one you dont need that much pain medication.

My friend and I were talking one day about Fiber Myalgia (sorry Lyn) if its spelled wrong, and how she said it was all in peoples minds and was not a real disease. I said to her you tell someone that has Fiber Myalgia that their pain isnt real and its in their head and see what happens. I believe doctors need to stop treating it as a mental disorder and start listening some are but that is my opinion.

I guess the whole point of this blog is we need to watch what we say and we need to stop judging people based on age or looks and treat people with curitsy and commonsense.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Weather Forecast on Yahoo! Weather

Weather Forecast on Yahoo! Weather I PROTEST.


Here by popular demand are some pictures of kittens and snow. Cookie face aka oroe in the Christmas tree bad girl. The picture above her is Indy watching the stereo she will sit and stare at the stereo or the tv or the dryer for hours.

View of the side yard notice the dead end alley and the neighbors house which is going to be repossed by the bank their business failed. I feel bad for them. They were great neighbors. More pine trees in the side yard.

A view of the empty lot there was an empty house there the neighbor tore it down and seeded it it will be nice to see green instead of the dumpy house. You can also appricate the snow.

More pine trees the bird feeder that got cleaned out and Leons house. She will be filing a FEMA applaction cause her home was snowed in and almost buried. A better picture of Leons house.

The First picture (not used to blogger yet and posting pictures) is my little dare devil boots climbing and sitting on top of the curtains.

The front part of Indy.
Pine trees covered by snow I love them they are so pretty but could really do without the snow

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Lots and lots of snow today didnt want to go outside to take pictures to slippery and it never did stop snowing. According to the NWS we have 6 inches on top of the other stuff. Lovely I am moving somewhere tropical. Pictures tomorrow

Friday, January 9, 2009

Orthandonist and Humane Society

My daughter is sitting in the living room watching Little House On the Praire moaning. Why you ask is she moaning well today she seen the orthadonist and he was very cruel he tightened both wires and shortened them. But she is sporting lavender, hot purple, hot pink colors and neon green bands. Very colorful. Although the bright spot of her day is she aced her spelling test.

We took Marvin to the shelter and gave her up. This broke my heart but as I said in my previous post it was the best for everyone. They make you feel awful in asking if you have tried everything to keep the pet, and had to sign 3 different papers stating you were giving up your pet. No I was not giving up one of my pets I was giving up someones pet that was irresponsible with her. Hopefully my two older cats will get back into their routine. The shelter did promise a one cat home for her. Lets hope and they will spay her so this is good. Thats all going to make some mashed taters for Sarah and hope the motrin kicks in soon for her.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

School and Marvin

Yaaaaaay there was school today but we have 8 inches of snow on the ground stupid evil lake with another 10 inches promised by Sunday. I am going to get out and take some pictures the pine trees in our yard are so pretty.

Marvin our stray female that gave us all of our lovely kittens is going to a no kill animal shelter tomorrow in hopes they can find her a one cat home. My older male is having serious litter problems everytime he comes down from a high place she attacks him. She attacks Henry she is very mean to the kittens and chases them from the food and litter box. As much as I love her and she is such a lap cat our house isnt the ideal house for her.

I have always wanted to rescue cats maybe I was a cat in a former life who knows. I have realized that we cant provide an ideal enviroment for every cat, and its better to give Marvin a chance at a happy home and take the needs of the cats we are taking care of a happy home too.

She was owned before she is litter trained and doesnt mind dogs although they have been at the receiving end of her bad temper also. Some one didnt spay her and she got knocked up and then they dumped her. They should be banned from owning pets I know I know a little harsh.

The kittens this month will be going to the vets for rabies shots and spayed and or neutred depending on their sex 1 male 3 femals. Yaay us that is going to be a nice bill but its the responsible thing to do. Our two older male cats are declawed and neutred. Pepper and Bufford are spayed and neutred.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Moms Prayer

It has been a day. First the phone rang at 5 2 hour delay it said from the school. Fine can lay here till 7 yaaay. At quarter to 7 the phone rang again just reminding me two hour delay. I get the kids up James so he can take the dogs out cause we were a sheet of ice and no way was I going ice skating.

Then I got Sarah up to get her dressed and teeth brushed before Mike gets home. NO she started first thing with an attitude I dont understand why we have to be up so early. I am not getting dressed till I feel like it was her statement. My statement was young lady loose the attitude before you loose priviledges. She didnt take me seriously one week no ds.

So finally after Mike got after her she got dressed and then we found out school was cancelled. It just got better. She says I could have slept in. Attitude lovely attitude.

James was on a fire call almost all day so I had the evil dog and and Sarah. So my prayer is please God stop the ice and snow and let there be school tomorrow Or I will cry and be in a corner with a thumb in my mouth rocking back and forth. Tomorrow pictures of the lovely mess.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Love and hate relationship (weather related)

For of those new to this program I live in Northwestern Pa. About 30 minutes from Erie Pa in Erie they have one of the great lakes which is called Lake Erie. We love to fish in the lake. That is where the love part ends.

Here is a weather lesson a great big body of water say the size of Lake Erie affects our weather in the winter. I see scratching of heads and saying how for example one of the blogs that I read faithfully stated in her state and her particular town it was a mere 6 degrees farenheit. I asked her to please keep that cold air in that state because 6 degree air temp coming over a 45 degree lake resulted in snow. Not just a couple mere inches of snow almost a FOOT of snow.

Tonight before the lake effect snow kicks in (damn evil lake) we are getting freezing rain. My son is a Jr. firefighter and was tapped out to go help with traffic control and they have been tapped out to another accident before they were finished with the first one. His scanner has been busy all night.

He is an hour over his hours hasnt had supper yet and loving this. How many days till spring

Monday, January 5, 2009

Terry or the childhood that was not enjoyed

This is new. Ok Lyn I see you shaking your head and saying what about wordpress. LOL ok maybe not new. Different yeah thats it. I am going to post about a man in my childhood and my relationship with my mom I have done therapy and this is how I feel. Right or wrong I will respond to comments. Okay on to the story. By the way this post will be removed in ten days . I need to protect my children.

First some history My dad died when I was 8 of lung cancer. My brothers were 6 and 2. The first 8 years of childhood awesome from what I remember of it. Then entered Terry. He was raised in Cleveland Ohio on the streets. Terry moved in with us about a year after my dad had died. Talk about mean he was and still is. He was abusive very abusive. I remember he whipped my brother Ken with an arrow strap from the base of his neck down to his ankles. He kicked my mom so bad in the face that she received more then 50 stiches in her face. Yet my mom would drop the charges or take him back after he served jail time. I remember her getting so drunk that she would beg us kids to go with her and tell him we would be good and not cause any trouble so he would come back. And he would and it would be hell. He always told us we were stupid and no good and would never amount to anything. With my mom backing him up.

I remember going to court to testify against him after one brutal beating and he promised he would get me back. He did. My mom did nothing to protect us that is what makes me angry I its not that she didnt have anywhere to go it was her house. It was she thought more of him then she did us kids. This went on for about 7 more years. When I turned 16 he was moving back in for the upteenth time. I remember I was told not to go to my work that weekend I was out of the house as much as I could possibly be. I went anyways. My rationale was she wasnt a mom when I was younger I cooked cleaned took care of my two brothers then she couldnt start being a mom now. She called where I was and said dont bother coming back I can manage without you. The lady that I worked for and babysat her kids said how would you like to move in here. I did . He moved back in I moved out. We are going to fast forward to 11 years in the future. I am married with a 3 year old son who was not very happy he got a brand new spanking crying never sleeping sister that was attached to her moms breast. Yes I am talking about my daughter Sarah if those that know me or of me.

Sarah was about 2 weeks me and Mike were exhausted me from caring for 2 children and Mike from trying to convince James not to run away it would get better. Finally a rare moment that the kids were sleeping. I laid down only to doze off and 10 minutes later there was a state trooper knocking on my door after my mom leaving several messages on my machine that Terry would be down to see me and my kids I took this as a threat. Mike answered the door and I remember this so clearly he asked if I would come outside and talk with him and I did. He said could you please quit shooting at Mr Braddick, and I said what as in could you please repeat that so I understand it. He says it again and no I didnt hear him wrong.

I told him about the messages that were left and some of the past history and he replied maam you dont know what his intentions are. I told him that Terry was not to be on any property that I lived on social like or not. The trooper tells me that he cant help me with that all he was concerned about was that I stop shooting at him. I told the trooper you can tell Mr.Braddick that if it was me shooting at him I wouldnt miss. The trooper looked at me like I had lost my mind and told me I could not say that.

Usually I am very respectfull of law enforcers. But this guy was pissing me off I dont know if it was the sleep deprived brain or the just the general annoyance of the whole situation but I told him that I did mean it. And added the world would be a better place without Terry in it. I was told if anything happened to him I would be the first person they would look at. I told them that I was not shooting at him I have better things to do with my time. He left annoyed I went back inside annoyed.

My mom has remained friends with him. Its come down to the point that I told my mom that if he comes anywhere near my kids she wont see them anywhere but my house. I refuse to let them know that kind of terror. When I was younger I would find my self standing over his drunk passed out stoned from smoking pot body with a knife thinking about how easy it would be just to kill him and be done with it.

I have done years of therapy it was hard to trust people who said they love me. It was hard to trust guys that I dated. It was hard not to stand up for myself for a long time. But I did I overcame and I can argue with Mike on them rare occasions and not feel afraid. I told Mike (the hubby) that if he was going to hit me he could just keep on going on down the road cause I was not going to have it. Nor would our children live in fear. I dont let him verbally abuse me or the kids either. Not that he ever would.

I cant seem to forgive my mom for this. I cant let go of the fact she did nothing to protect her children. I cant wrap my head around why she let this happen. I cant understand how she can be friends with this guy and help him. I cant let go of the fact that when my dad died she stopped being a mom. The therapist said she was probably depressed when he died. So get yourself better. You have children depending on you. I dont have a good relationship with my mom she is selfish. I dont like selfish people. Well that is all for tonight.