Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some pictures

I have a couple pictures to post of the cast. But not the one that I promised Caroline cause my daughter wouldnt cooperate but i will get it I promise. One is my daughter Sarah and the other two are the cast the kitty with me is Indy have a good day all

Friday, February 27, 2009

Over achviment

That is what the doctor said I was an over achiever. Not only did I break the toe I broke the bone that goes down along side the foot and cracked four other toes bones. And if that wasnt enough I severally sprained and tore ligaments in the middle of the foot.

So here I sit with vicodin in my system and a great big purple (matches this color) cast on. My inlaws are bringing supper out. Can I say again I love my laptop cause the doctor says I need to wear this lovely thing for 6 weeks but I pointed o ut that it will be a month on the sixth since I did this he said that didnt matter. My old wonderful neighbors are bringing me a shower chair.

Well I think I am going to let the vicodin work and sleep all afternoon its raining and grey and great sleeping weather. Later all

Thursday, February 26, 2009

An update (sort of) on the MRI

Trying a new color. The physicians assistant called me this morning (its never a good sign when they call before your appt) and said Mrs. Rice you really injured the middle of the foot plus the toe. Good news and bad news

If you behave and stay off the foot no surgery. Bad news we want you in a cast tomorrow. Please dont cancel your appt. I asked if it could be a walking cast he said no he said I am not to put any weight on the foot at all. I am so not sure how I am going to pull this off. I was thinking about baths and or showers and I thought I could just put my foot out the bathtub but its the wrong foot. I will be doing my best to behave. More details tomorrow

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Marijuana use

I did a post on Michael Phelps earlier but when I was reading the local newspaper the other day there was an article that caught my eye and it was Marijuana use do we really care anymore.

Tell this to my friend whos son is in placement and her window and camcorder stolen because he needed money for mj and cocaine. Not to mention her anguish of where he was when he wasnt home. I have never smoked mj but was quite livid with my brother when he smoked with his buddies with my then 13 year old son in the truck with them then took an inexperienced hunter into the woods all stoned. He is lucky I couldnt get to him cause I would have done him in.

I remember the state police officer telling me but maam its only pot which made me even more angier. The local police in my small town put me in touch with the crawford county drug task force agency. In the end my brother wasnt charged with anything cause it wasnt big enough to get the district attorney in the local paper his words not mine.

I understand that everyone thinks its harmless but I dont see it that way. I tend to see the families it has the potential to destroy. We used to live above a bunch of young men that smoked all the time and that lead to severe asthma attacks of my daughter. I dont understand why its so cool nor do I understand how police can say but we dont want to bother with this. Is it more dangerous then alochol who knows. Its illegat should people be serving long prision sentences for it I dont know that either. I guess that is all would love to know what you all think of this.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

John Kanizuz

If you are not familiar with that name you can find some articles on He was working on a cure for cancer he started as a broadcaster and later in life he was diaganosed with leukemia. He watched kids suffer through chemotherapy and this got his brain turning and he found a way to kill cancer cells while leaving the healthy cells alive.

I dont understand the whole way this works but the concept is that nano gold particles are released into the body and then radio waves kill the cancer that the gold particles light up. This treatment looks to be very promising. it has shown promise in breast cancer and prostate cancer along with other cancers. John Kanizuz lost his life due to cancer and I hope and pray that he is right and this dreadful disease can be erricated.

I will have to post links on my blog he was a great inventor with a great ideas.

Monday, February 23, 2009

an update on uggh sort of

I had the mri today they didnt say anything except I did a nice job. I dont know if that means she seen something or I did a nice job. I have a drs appt Friday maybe he will let me off the loveseat my house is falling apart.

Off to fold clothes. I want to blog about a couple things recently in my local paper. First John Kanizuz died he was trying to find an invention for cancer and was darn close before cancer stole his life. Second one that I want to blog about is Mariuiana and how its not taken seriously anymore. I will have to. More on these topics later clothes are sitting here staring me down.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Walmart and Sunday

Its a lazy Sunday here. Which is good love them I have been napping on the loveseat off and on most of the day. I have a cold from hades so maybe that is part of it.

I put on my aircast boot thing and went to walmart with Mike to pick up cat food for leon and a pillow for my back the loveseat is hard on the back the pillow seems to help. Mike picked up Journey to the center of the earth (cool movie).

We got home and we were looking over the receipt and noticed they didnt charge us for the movie she put it through the scanner cause it did beep. But didnt charge us for it. So I called when we got home explained to the manager what happened and she was flabergasted that I would call her. She thanked me for being so honest and I told her that if I want my kids to be honest and do the right thing then I need to do the right thing and be honest.

So the next time I go to walmart I will take the movie back and the receipt and pay for it. Off to enjoy the rest of the race.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday night at my house

Mike cooked bbq pork chops and made a couple sides and his parents bought dessert. It was great I made a discovery one can play wii while sitting on her bum with the foot propped up. Although you dont do as well.

Then we played cards and had a great time I love my inlaws. Its almost 12 3o A.M. and I am tired its off to bed for me .

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friends and what they say

I have struggled in my younger years with my disability. I was teased and tormented by kids and teachers trying to make me walk correctly gym was a nightmare untill 10th grade I had a gym teacher who cared who realized making me do sit ups and push ups timed was a nightmare I couldnt do them. So she had me do other things.

I finally stopped caring what people thought of me and my uniqueness but I have always wondered what my purpose on this earth was ,am I just here to raise my children and to be a good wife which I enjoy.

Then the other night as we were getting ready to go to bed my phone rang it was my good friend Janna who lives in New Jersey and drove 8 hours just to sleep on my couch to head back to NJ the very next morning. She is a diabetic with a very bad cold she said bina ( her nickname for me) I feel drunk and my roommate thinks I am I said what did you have to drink? Her reply was nyquil.

I told her to check her bloodsugar she wasnt making sense and she kept saying no its ok I am just going to bed. I told her that her blood sugar was probably high and she might be having a diabetic emergency.

She took it cause I scared her it was 460 I told her that she had two choices she could either get to an er or I would call an ambulance and she could go the er with them after I told them what her blood sugar was. She told me she would go and I went to bed ( I know nice friend).

Janna called me this morning and said that I saved her life. If she had gone to bed with her sugar that high she may have not waken up. I think she gives me to much credit. But after that comment I have to think I have a purpose other then being a wife and mom. I also did this with my mom except hers was blood pressure.

I dont know how to explain that I know these things I just do. It just gives me chills sometimes.
I believe through computer or in real life we can show people we care. I need to remember this when I am having a bad day and want to hide like yesterday. Have a good day all.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


That is me today I could cry. I am frustrated on many levels the foot has me down its not getting any better hopefully the mri will show whats going on.

I did battle with the Social Security office today I dont understand how people so dumb can be in charge of this office. I was to get money and its still not in my bank account so I called them and they told me that I was not due any money and I would not be getting any money for March.

I said what do you mean I wont get any money for March he told me March was a five pay period and that meant no money, I tried to explain to him that we no longer have wages and I turned all of the unemployment papers. He said I dont know what to tell you we show wages so wages it is you must be wrong. I didnt say anything but I wanted to say why is it always me why is not my caseworker? Who still has not posted the unemployment and still has wages in the computer so I called her.

I am still waiting for paperwork from them so I can I can get my mortage lowered. I asked her why the computer is still showing wages. Her best response was because I am so swamped. This is not good enough for me anymore I am required to report changes at the f
irst possible moment why arent they required its been almost a month I find this unacceptable.

Then ny mom asked if it was true did we buy a laptop I said yes I did. She went to tell me how irresponsible that is. It seems like I cant win today I think I will go hide my head under my pillow and not come out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dreams and a promise

First to Caroline when I get mobile again and can dress in something other then sweats I will post a picture.

Second I am against spousal abuse. But I guess my sub concious has other ideas. At 3 A.m I am hitting my husband with a pillow telling him he cant marry another woman while we are still married. He wakes up as I am whacking him with the pillow and says to me why are you hitting me. Again I tell him that I am not ok with him marrying someone else while we are still married and I am not giving him a divorce.

He tells me no more vicodin before bed. He is a good guy. After he got the kids off to school he laid back down and we slept till almost 1 but its a rainy day here. My arm is sore probably from whacking him. That is all I have for today.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A question and an answer

Lynilu asked if I have always lived in Pa? The answer is yes. I can see your mind turning why live here when I dont like the weather. I keep trying everyone around me to move somewhere tropical but no one will go. Its funny my mom was from North Carolina hence her name Caroline.

I asked her if she was from North Carolina why did she move here she said she likes snow. Thank you for the question if anyone else has questions ask.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I need some advice

Life is not very interesting on the loveseat I have one regular commenter but many readers. So anything you want to know about your lovely blogger. Ask and I will try to answer.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lazy Sunday for some of us

Mike has worked hard today and is enjoying the Daytona. I have been good and sat on the loveseat reclined almost all day did waddle to the bathroom once.

I do feel a tad guilty for watching everyone do stuff but what are you doing to do. The race has been interesting in the last part of it. Hope everyone had a good lazy day

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shopping At walmart

I dawned my lovely boot and went to walmart to shop. The lovely walmart greeter seen my lovely boot and asked if I would like a cart and I said yeah probably would be a good idea.

It was fun but people either stare or walk out in front of you expecting you to be able to stop. But no one was injured and we have food in the house. I was stopped helping Mike choose something and this woman says she is young she doesnt need a cart then seen the boot and turned six shades of red which she should have. I have said it before we need to stop judging people and I refuse to be sorry for using a cart.

Infact after the foot heals and I am having a bad muscle day I will use the cart again. Happy Valentines day to all .

Friday, February 13, 2009

ugh part 2 or deux you pick

It was not good news from the orthopedic dr. I have a new shoe its an aircast which is a pain in the rumpus. I am still quite swelled and he ordered a mri of the foot along with a wheel chair.

My house is not set up for a wheel chair I am going to borrow Mikes grandmas one and then return it back to Mikes aunt. I did learn today after they get the swelling down I will have a lovely cast. Yaaaaaaaaay me.

The ironic thing about this situation is that the state will not pay our cobra payment for our insurance so I have medicaid I believe between x rays medical equipment and orthapedic visits I am over the cobra payment. Oh well so far medicaid has paid for everything. Off to take a nap no big plans for tonight just going to enjoy my new laptop. Hope everyone has a happy valentines day.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My new play toy

I am blogging from the living room with ice on the foot and it up how you ask am I blogging. The answer is my hubby bought me a cheap inexpensive (well about 400 dollars) acer laptop.

I love it I love him tomorrow is our 16th year wedding anniversary we are not doing anything special for one it is still hard for me to walk ( not digging the walker) second he does enough for me through out the year that I dont need a dinner or movie.

Tomorrow I go back to the orthopedic dr and s has a orthadonist appt then she also has an eye appt will blog more about the orthopedic and what he has to say later tomorrow have a good day all

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am not focusing on the negatives of my foot siutation I will do that after friday if I cant get the swelling down.

1. Mike is home and able to help him getting up with the kids saves me from going downstairs which is a big relief off the foot.

2. Mike himself he has cleaned and cooked and washed and folded. and kept me company and shared the directv remote yaaaaay.

3. The kids they have helped their dad fold and clean and cook with minual whining.

4. The furry kids even pepper they have come and laid on my lap and purred or just came to say hi and I am sorry I left my toy at the top of the steps.

5. The state of Pa for having good insurance when my blue cross blue shield was cancelled.

6. Phb for laying Mike off at this particular time.

7. Penncrest school district teachers for letting me do J's IEP meeting over the phone and S's teachers for saying we dont need to talk to you she is doing wonderfully.

8. My inlaws especially mil who offered to come out and help with what ever needed done.

9. The person who invented vicodin

Ok that is all the postives that I can think of for the moment and I just got busted back to the love seat for me . Oh one more amazon for shipping my order of books so fast

Monday, February 9, 2009


I cant think of a better title and its how I feel. I seen the orthapedic doctor today not only did I break my toe but I broke it in this worse place to break a bone. I broke it right on the joint he seems to think I have more broken bones in foot but cant x ray it cause its massivly (not sure if that is a word or not) swelled.

The vicodin is helping but I am not to move from a reclining postion and now I have a walker since I would kill myself with crutches. I just want to cry. Maybe I will more later.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

my husband

In my vicodin and sleeping haze I did not notice all that was going on around me today. Between Mike and the kids the laundry is done and folded and put away except for mine. The dishwasher has been loaded ran and unloaded and lunch and supper fixed and eaten. Next friday I will have been married 16 years and there has been few days I have ever questioned if I made a bad choice.

So I am going to say I am so lucky to have someone like Mike who takes care of me and after I seen all that got done today I told him I am lucky to have him and he replied you take care of us everyday we can take care of you when your injured. Yay

Going to call it a night before I get any more mushier

Friday, February 6, 2009

The verdict is in

I broke my big toe it broke right where it connects to the foot I will be missing for a couple days cause I need to keep it up. Right now at 9.38 pm is the first time that my right foot has not throbbed I like this vicodin

my morning not so great

Pepper dropped her kong at the top of the steps and there is a little step down before the first step I tripped over the kong and tripped. Luckly I didnt fall down the steps but for the rest of the day I am putting the foot up and ice on and off. Have a good day

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Role Models and our children

Me and Mike just had an interesting conversation. I was telling him that Michael Phelps is banned from USA swimming and Kelloggs has dropped him as a sponsor. I am tired of reading or hearing from people that he was a great role model for children and now they are disappointed in him.

I take issues with this statement again love comments but nothing rude. Yall can disagree with me all you want just do it tactfully. Ok onto my post.

First why cant a teacher be a great role model why does it always have to be someone in the spotlight in our local paper my daughters 3rd grade teacher was honored as Wal mart teacher of the year. S was so sick that year we werent sure if her bone marrow was failing or what we spent a lot of time down in Pittsburgh with a hemotologist and at our local hospital getting blood drawn twice a week for 8 weeks. Plus a lot of time with her regular doctor. He made life so easy for us he worked with her after school or if she was sick he always sent a card or called just to see how she was. I would love if S choose him as a Role model

My second Point is Parents need to be responsible Role models for their children we cant expect say Michael Jordan to raise our children we need to raise them we need to teach them values and morals. Not leave it up to someone whos morals and vaules may not be the same as ours.

Third point we cant tell our girls not to dress or act like Britney Spears when we do the same thing. I cringe when S especially tells me that her friends moms have all kinds of different boyfriends or let their 11 and 12 year old girls go to boys house unsupervised. Sorry not happening in this house or let them wear make up.

We need to point out to our children that there are heros in our hometowns the local police the crossing guards, the fire department volunteers just to name a few.

Michael Phelps is a great swimmer did he make a bad choice in smoking pot yes. But it was his choice to make and we cant say you cant make bad choices cause your a role model. He didnt ask to be a role model he is good at his sport and just that. Miley Cyrus is another example she is a great actress and singer and I let my kids watch her. Does that mean I want my kids to grow up and be like her no I dont. Ok now to were I may contradict my self

I do think of President Obama as a role model and this is why. The first time in our country's history we have a Black man in the office of President I cant help but to think the black children especially who may be raised by a single parent can say hey maybe that can be me one day. Its good to let children and adults have dreams we just have to be careful as parents who we hold up to the spotlight. And teach our kids right from wrong instead of expecting a celeberity or athlete to do it. Yes its fun to say I want to be like Mike but at the end of the day do we really want that for our children.

Kity update and where I dont understand the media

Oreo and her two sisters are fine. Oreo is doing much better this morning the vet gave her a shot of antibiotics and I will continue to give her the pink stuff and count my fingers. My checkbook is fine also cause they didnt charge me anything for today. But after spending 500 dollars I am still looking for a thank you card in the mail.

On to my next subject and I dont want any negative hateful comments from all that disagree with me.

This morning I was flipping through the local channel feeds (one from the west for example L.A and one from new york) and I was on a local fox channel from new york and across the bottom there was a headline that caught my attention then it made me angry.

The first gay lesbian couple to be married in Massachutes have decided that they no longer want to be married to each other and will receive the first same sex divorce. It went on to say they will share custody of their throughly confused 12 year old daughter.

I have a lot of issues with Prop 8 in California but that is another post for another day. What made me angry here was the medias attention to the daughter. I would like to think any 12 year old would be confused why her parents are divorcing. I know my daughter would be. I think its irresponsible for the media to put a spin on this.

Everyone should have the right to marry and as I commented on another blog if everyone is concerned about marriage then make divorces illegal and dont use confused children as a reason that same sex couples should not marry that is just stupid.

I could go on about how unfair this is but then it would be a very long post and that wouldnt be good. This is my opinion and you have a right to disagree but no hateful or negative comments. Have a good day all

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sick Kitty

Oreo is not feeling well we think she has an infection and the vet agreeded who called me after his office hours yaay. So tomorrow we will pack her up and take her into his office where it will cost us a small fortune.

The boy were a belt today and I told him the brillant plan that Lynilu came up with. He said nooooooo I would die of emberrasment. Well that is all that is going on here please say some prayers for Oreo and my checkbook.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Boys and boxers

What is the deal with boys and boxers. Over the weekend we bought J some new jeans he needed them. We also bought him some boxers today as he was leaving for school I asked if he had a belt on and he said yeah mom bye mom.

I am not the best morning person out there infact I dont make any decisions in the morning I am not sure if its the flexerall that is taken before bedtime or the lack of sleeping or what but if you ask me I would probably sign my house over to you in the morning. So tonight as he is walking around the house I happen to catch the back side of him and guess what I see .

I see boxers with fishing lures on them. I asked him where his belt is and he said to me mom what is the point of wearing boxers if I cant show the world that I wear boxers. So I thought for a minute and I said J you want the world to know you wear boxers that is fine. To save electric and water and me doing massive amounts of laundry you can just wear boxers to school.

No shirt no jeans just your trusty old boxers and he said mom you dont understand. I said explain it to me. So the new rule (actually old rule new enforcement) If I dont see a belt on in the morning and when he comes home he can wear just his boxers. It is also against school policy to display boxers. I will say it again though I am glad this is the only problem I am dealing with .

My next topic is Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana the media needs to stop pointing out every little mistake and let her live her life in peace yes I hear you say but she is a star and deserves the medias attention and critizism. I agree to a point she is 16 entitled to make mistakes and no one is perfect let her grow. Ok that is it for today

Monday, February 2, 2009

A little piece of heaven

I am a shower type girl for one reason its hard for me to get out of the tub. The second reason is the plumbing wasnt working right my hubby fixed it and I took a bath it was nice till the phone started ringing and my children didnt say she is busy. Oh well it was nice for 20 minutes

Grrrrrrrrrrr actually double grrrrrr and not tigger ggggrrr

I have been up since 630 and my children want to argue and fight over report cards. GRRRR S made honor roll. J brought all his grades up except for one and could have made honor roll.

Mike fixed the plumbing today Yaaaaay. Also on a good note I did not loose my patience in the social security office. The woman in front of me was escorted out by the state police in handcuffs it was not a pretty sight. So I behaved myself.

Directv moved my dvr box installation to march 3 so that gets a GRRRRR.

And to top off the day I learned that evil groundhog that lives about 6 hours from me seen his shadow I have a question how did he see his shadow when there was no sun ? I think he just wants to torture us. Death to Phil although I think in the state of Pa if you shoot the groundhog you are in big trouble well not any groundhog but Phil evil groundhog anyways. Going to have a rootbeer float later all.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Just a short post for now will be back later. Is it a bad sign when you dream about blogging? Cause that is what I dreamt about last night. That and begging Mikes supervisor to let him come back to work so I could reclaim the middle of the bed.