Thursday, April 30, 2009

I should have taken a picture

We dont want the cats or kittens outside fleas and other stuff its just better they stay inside. We do open windows and the living room door and put the storm window down so they get fresh air.

Do yall remember the picture of Mr. Boots climbing up the shower curtain, well he topped himself

I was on the laptop and looked up and he was on the old tv entertainment center told him to get down and he obeyed. Several more times he got up there several more times I told him to get down.

About 10 minutes later I look up and that darn cat is perched on top of the door trying to get at the screen. If I would have had the camera I would have taken his picture.

Summer plans

Summer is gearing up to be a very busy season at our house. J is going to camp cadet and has saved over 50 dollars we will chip in the rest.

S is going to summer camp I found out this news today and she will qualify for a 100 percent scholarship sponsered by the Salvation army and Kiwanis(sp) because of her grades and leadership qualitys she was selected.

They will both be attending band camp J for trumpet S for colorguard.

J will have the firemans carnival the last week of July that will take a week of J coming and going all day for 5 days.

My mom is like what about me . I am glad they will be busy

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Day out

My brother Ken had his hip replaced he is 36 years old he tripped when he was 13 popped it out had pins put in was to be taken out in 6 months to a year.

That never happened so fast foward to April 27th when they replaced his hip he had so much arthritis and growth on the bone what should have taken an hour took 3 hours.

So we my brother my mom and a family friend went up to Erie to see Ken he is doing okay has to have blood transfusions and is in a lot of pain but otherwise is okay. Hopefully tomorrow or Friday he will be moved to health south which is a rehab hosptial my mom is not happy about that but I think its the best he will get his physcial therapy and wont have to navigate around my moms small house.

I am sore and tired but it was nice to see him.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh I forgot

BoldI am so happy I cant believe I forgot about it. I SHOWERED WITHOUT USING A SHOWER STOOL THIS MORNING. I know I know I need a life lol

Big news in my house

Miss S made colorguard and found out next year she will be recommended for pre algerbra the highest math class they offer in 7th grade.

J also was asked to join marching band. So it has been a big day in my house.

I am happy that S has colorguard the more active a child is the more likely the child will stay off drugs. Also it was pointed out that most kids that play an instrument or involved in a band is likey to avoid drugs.

The er doctor asked J if he smoked, drank alochol or did drugs and J responded no that would be hazerdous to my health the Dr said oh so you know the effects J said not of the drugs but my parents would kill me.

He has been listening this whole time. Yaaaaaay us

Monday, April 27, 2009

Today is my birthday

BoldToday is my 37th birthday. I was having a conversation with my mom in law about the day . My mom in law asked what my mom had given me and I said nothing she spent the day with my brother Ken in the hospital having his hip replaced.

I wasnt worried about it I wanst worried that she didnt come over. I have everything a person could want I dont need more stuff,

I have 2 healthy kids
1 husband that loves me
1 house that is in good shape
6 cats
2 dogs
and I am in fairly good health.
plus a ton more

Lets hope that I get to hang on to everything I have.

Scary moment

I spent the early morning hours in the er with J doing a breathing treatment and checking his pulse ox and taking blood there is nothing scarier then watching a child although a 15 year old not be able to breath.

With S its not so scary she knows what to do and where her inhaler is I do get concerned when the albuterol doesnt work. But J I didnt know what to do so we took him to the er and as I am typing this I realized we should have called an ambulance.

Saturday at the structure fire he was ill twice which meant taking off his equipment which resulted in smoke inhaliation not a bad case but enough to had about 20 grey hairs to my head. We got home about 2 in the morning I didnt sleep all that well cause I was worried about J.

The fire dept is good for J, J is good for the fire dept but I worry about his safety I also am smart enough to let him grow without smothering him. But some days its a fine walk to walk. He is on an antibotic and should restrain from smokey situations for a week or so. I pray and cross my fingers that there will be no calls for that week, I dont know that I have the discipline to say no J you cant go.

That is all I have for now

Sunday, April 26, 2009


BoldAlthough we are thankful for Mike getting called back to work I am scared I have some concerns my foot has healed a lot but I still depend on the walker but that is not my biggest concern.

I sleep with Mike home. I dont know if its the vicadin and the flexerall but when my head hits the pillow I am out. 3 glorious months of sleep. I have learned how to share the bed again. I have adjusted to sleeping well with someone beside me that wasnt fury and four legged.

I see yall scratching your heads and saying have Mike switch shifts but its not that simple. 3rd shift works for our family the kids see their dad and dad sees the kids. Chores get done and I still have hair and I havent had to ducttape them anywhere lol.

Some postives my dvr box is full of programs such as private pratice, greys, desperate housewives, I hope it wont take long to get caught up. The checkbook will be happy. Although the dvr box will be full with Mikes programs. Inlaws are coming for dinner so I need to help him with the best I can meatballs were cooked yesterday so it wont take long.

Have a good day all

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hot day

I for one am not going to complain about the 85 degree weather we had today. It was wonderful sat outside with my foot propped up for a good part of the day. J not such a good day he responded to a bad structure fire with a person trapped they rescued a 8 year old and his little chiahua that wouldnt leave.

The parents are in some trouble cause they didnt report anyone was trapped in the house. J was ill from the heat and the smell with a hot day our 911 center dispatched red cross to set up a cooling center and the fire fighters had to have vitals checked every 15 minutes.

I am glad people look out for our fire fighters I cant type men cause there is at least one female in Js department.

Hope everyone had a good day

Friday, April 24, 2009

I stole this from Caroline and Lynilu

Fifty things I love

1. My family Mike, James, Sarah
2. My laptop
3. My house
4. My community
5. My inlaws and outlaws as they afficantly are known
6. Buford (beagle)
10. Boots
12. Henry
13. Pepper (although some days she is evil)
14.New tv
16. Our school district
17. My king sized waterbed
18. My washer and dryer
19. The dishwasher
20. The warm weather that is finally moving in
21. Daffodils that are coming up
22.Our front porch
23.My mom and brothers
27. Books
28. Fishing ( we always release)
29.Good health insurance
30. Directv
31. my internet friends
32 .Flavored water
33.Being able to itch dry skin from a cast removal
34. Patio funiture
35. The desktop
36. a clean house
37. A new steak marinade that is yummy
38. all kinds of veggies
39. My country
40. I would say vicadin but that might look a little suspicious
41. Speaking my mind
42. my nieces and nephews
43. spring,summer and fall
44. babies
45. toddlers
46. my real life friends
47 great food
48. our local fire and police depts
49. The fall leaves when they change

History channel

Today we have been watching the History Channel we are big history buffs love it love to study it. Today they were talking about Howard Hughes all I can say I never appricated all he did.

I loved the movie the avatiar about his life but I did not know how truely brilliant he was. I never knew he invented the hospital bed, satelite tv, among the countless other things. I knew that he was mentally ill but I didnt appricate that fact either.

Then we were watching a program called 10,000 years B.C. I dont think I could live with the saber tooth tiger wanting to eat me or anything that moved. Maybe more later

Have a good day all

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Friends and what they say

My friend called today and we were talking and my callwaiting beeped usually I dont answer it but I looked and it was the pharmacy I said excuse me one minute the pharmacy is on the other line. I took the call and came back to my friend and she asked if there was a problem.

I explained that the pharmicist was calling to ask if I could wait till tomorrow for 30 vicodin. She said oh your still taking that are you cant you just deal with tylenol or motrin you do know that vicadin is addictive and you have family problems with addiction. I am sure she meant well but it kind of bugged me.

First I am well aware of family issues with drugs Second I only take one vicadin a day I have set that boundry for myself if I need more then I try motrin or something else first then resort to the vicadin I have the same worries first my friend told me though that yes you can become addicted to pain meds but think of it this way if you take them the way they are suppose to be taken is it a problem yes you are dependant but not addicted.

I try not to judge people at all especially people who take pain medication I dont live in their bodies I dont know the pain. I do know that certain people in my family take more then they are suppose to all the time while not doing the excercises and stuff.

A couple updates.

First it feels wonderful without the cast although I picked up my compression stockings and with my birthday monday it kind of made me feel old lol.

Second the officer I blogged about received 10 days unpayed suspension. He has to complete sensitivity and alochol training. And then will be reevulated for duty. The Internal affairs officer will be reassigned. A little to making amends to the family that he hurt.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A very good day

I am very happy it has been a very busy day here . First I am cast free still restricted to the loveseat with use of an aircast the toe is healing great and has done what it was suppose to do the foot not so much. I may need some surgery the dr will decide in four weeks. How did I get it off so fast you ask. The padding was sticking to the foot and I pulled it off and seen some blood so called the orthapedic place and they said come on in. I have a fungus infection (yuck) on the bottom of the foot but otherwise it looks good.

Second and most importanly Mike has been called back to work he goes back Sunday night. This makes us happy although I am not fully recovered but its okay. The checkbook will be happy again. I am tired but its been a good day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Police and Youtube

For those that watch Cnn or are a big fan of youtube you probably know that Erie Pa police department has made the news. Last month there was a shooting of a black man the killer has been caught.

This month a Erie police officer goes to a bar gets drunk and portrays a grieving mother who was grief stricken about her dead son and says that more black people should be killed and is surprised that people are calling for his removal from the police force.

On top of that the internal affairs investigator takes the police officer with him as he is interviewing the family and the guy who posted the youtube video.

The Erie police department is upset that youtube will not remove the video cause it makes the police department look bad.

Lets talk about another incident that has been kind of shoved under the rug concerning the E.P Apperently one of their dectives had a cocaine problem and had access to the evidence locker. Doesnt that make the police department look bad should they be asking the paper not to disclose this.

I understand that alochol can make you loose control but let me point this out and yall can disagree with me all you like but if you are a cop then that means you are a cop 24 hours a day yes everyone has a bad day and we all loose control but you have to be responsible for your actions. E.P trying to bully youtube to remove the video cause it makes the police department look bad is not the way to handle this nor taking the cop on interviews with people that have a problem with what this guy did is not the right answer either.

Neither is making excuses for him saying this is a hard job and they see crimes and stuf done to other human beings that would make you cringe to that I say excuse me this guy is in his 20s or early 30s and is now just learing this.

I say grow up and take responsibilty for your actions apologize to the people you have hurt and quit making your department look bad by being quiet and quit bullying youtube when they have done nothing wrong if you cant handle the job without turning to alochol then maybe you should not be a cop in a major city.

Monday, April 20, 2009

April dates

As Mike took the grocerys into our little old mans house I sat in the car and it hit me my birthday is 7 days away . A couple other dates came into my head as I was waiting first is our neighbors birthday he will be 85 years young lives on his own and the only help he gets is us doing his grocery shopping and meals on wheels. He is a tough Polish guy who survived the concentration camps. Very interesting to listen to him talk and how brave his family was. More on him another day

The second date is April 25th It will be two years since I had a hystorectomy I am coming to terms with this. It was an do or be sick till menopause and risk having blood transfusions I had one already and an ablasion that didnt work. People think I took the easy way out it wasnt easy we were talking about having more children that option is no more does it make me sad yes a little but I dont think we could start over. When they were taking me to do a x ray the techincian asked if I could be pregant I said no and she asked me the date of the last period I gave it to her and she is like you should see a dr I told her that I had a hysto and she oh your so young I didnt explain the severe anemia the cramps the feeling that I was going to bleed to death.

The third my birthday which is April 27 I got out of the hospital on that date two years ago I was joking with the nurse that the hysto was my birthday present to myself and it was feel so much better.

The fourth date will be April 28th I am hoping I will remember this day cause I am hoping will be a cast removal date. Cross your fingers.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring planning or planting

As soon as I can detach these roots that my tushie is growing into the loveseat we are going to start a garden S wants to plant pumpkins and I want to plant green beans, peas, tomatoes.

I also want to plant some more flowers that grow through spring summer and fall it would be nice to have color all season till the snow falls.

I need to wait till june to get everything in though cause frost will kill them. Pretty quiet here this weekend.

Have a good night all

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Boys when they grow up

Well I am glad to say J survived his repelling adventure, I am sad to say that he loved it and will be taking another ropes class to learn how to repell off bigger things and rescue people.

I on the other hand did not worry about him once after watching him all week practing his knots. He is talking about joining the navy to attend fireschool there and then becoming either a police officer or firefighter. This makes me and his dad happy (not the navy part) but that is his choice.

Although he did ask if we would pay for a tatoo our reply was what planet are you on that we would say yes. He said he had to try.

On another note the tummy is feeling much better today. Hope everyone has a good weekend

Friday, April 17, 2009

An upset stomach and cast

This maybe to much info but a cast and an upset stomach is not a great match. Ugg. Many trips have been made to the bathroom I know tmi.

Pepper had another evil day. Not much going on here.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Peppers evil day part 2

We need obidence school. Good lord. Pepper has been counter surfing again this time she got.

3 blueberry bagels and the package

1 jar of peanut butter again.

various empty packages of cardboard chewed up and shredded all over the dining room.

2 potholders history with giant chewed holes in the middle.

She blames the cats and the cats blame her but the chew marks look like hers to big to be cats. See all the csi and law and orders are paying off I can check for cat or dog bites.

13 days till I am allowed to get off the loveseat(hopefully)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Shaggy Da

On our directv package we have a channel called TCM last night they had Gone With The Wind. Tonight they had the Shaggy DA on with Tim Conway.

That is one of my favorite movies. When movies were movies I remember in school watching apple dumpling gang on special occasions. I miss movies like that or going to the drive in I lost a brand new pair of sneakers when me and my cousins thought it would be fun to throw things out of my aunts station wagon.

Ahh the good old days and I am not that old.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lord grant me the patience

BoldLord grant me the patience not to get up off the loveseat and shake the stuffing and attitude out of the 12 year old female that lives in this house.

Lord grant me the patience not to ducttape her to the basement wall when she rolls her eyes at me when i ask her for her friends phone number.

Lord grant me patience not to ground her for the rest of her life when she says I dont know why I have to do chores or I always have to do my brothers chores.

Lord grant me the patience to not to shut her in her room when she says but I dont want to do my spelling.

Teenagers are fun instead of giving them cute little babies that cry or wet their diaper teenagers should be given other teenagers and try to be the parents.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I did it

BoldI have no clue what I am doing but I did join facebook if you want to add me or want me to add you give me a day to figure out what I am doing.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A question to ponder

BoldI Boldhave a question. With six cats that live in this house why do we have mice? Last night my brother was on the desktop and a mouse ran across the computer desk he screetched.

So the question is is the mouse stupid? Or are the cats lazy? or is the mouse paying the cats off?

If the mice is paying the cats off where is my share?

I need a life lol.

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The kids and my brother are at my moms right now. I stayed home with Mike she is mad but I am not bothered by it. She and my brother were invited over for some wii and they declined.

Its a nice relaxing day no fussing , no killing myself to make everything is perfect.Mike is cooking a ham will have ham sandwiches and some coleslaw and cottage cheese.

My inlaws wanted us to come to their house but again we declined. Its peaceful here.

Hope everyone is having a peaceful days and are with the ones they love.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Since the great foot break of 2009 I have basically been in sweats, now I dont mind sweats once in awhile but in my heart of hearts I am a jeans girl love my jeans I feel funny going out in sweats but one does what they have to do.

Today I got up and went to get my trusty sweats and to my horror I didnt have any clean. So I pulled out a pair of jeans and said to myself as I was hobbling to the bathroom they wont go over the cast I should just give it up and stay in my nightshirt till I get some clean sweats.

But I tried the jeans and guess what they went over the cast its nice to have jeans on but the sweats are way more comfy to lounge around in. Plus I dont think I can wear the jeans to the orthapedic cause they will be in the way.

Its the small things that make me happy like knowing I can still wear the jeans in other words my bum has not expanded sitting on the loveseat. Only 17 more days in this cast sitting on the loveseat my next goal is a walking cast cross your fingers all.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Rude people

One thing I hope my children learn is to be polite and curtious. We had to go to walmart our intentions were food shopping but it was packed so we decided just to get enough to get through the weekend and try again Monday.

People would walk out in front of me or just stop in front of me which is really frustrating cause I cant stop right away.

We checked out and I parked the little cart and was getting my walker to go out to the car. This guy is coming in the exit door and almost runs me and an older woman over. The guy has the nerve to say get out of my way. Hello cant you see the exit sign the walker and the purple bottom of my foot.

Yes I know a snail could pass me at this point but still without missing a beat this older woman says well for one your coming into an exit door not the entrance. Second this woman beside me probably has a broken bone or two do you see the walker and the cast, and second have some manners.

He just looked at her like she lost her mind mumbled apologies and stormed off. Mike had watched all this and was coming back to be there in case there was any more problems. Mike said from what he saw the guy almost ran us over. Yes he was that close and could probably smell the toothpaste I used this morning. I could smell the alochol he had and probably should not be driving.

It is raining and cold and grey and yucky good day for loveseat and a kitten or two curled up on your lap sleeping.

Have a good weekend all and Happy Easter

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ropes class rears its ugly head again

Yesterday was J's drs appt and his doctor who has delivered him btw and he asked J what types of activities he enjoyed doing.

J told him about ropes rescue and how they are going to repell off a bridge in Franklin Pa and the dr responded how cool is that and then started talking their own language about repelling and how the drs friend ended upside down and needed rescued cause he walked instead of jumping.

I am thinking okay I dont want to know this. I dont like heights I couldnt even watch the directv guy install the dish on top of the house. The dr did promise to put J back together in case something went wrong.

This is hard for me but I am not letting J know this and I am happy that he will get this chance and not only is it fun but he will be able to rescue people that really need it.

Its hard watching him grow and not say are you out of your cotton picking mind to want to repell off something . He is also talking about taking more of these classes and repelling off really high buildings I think I will go buy hair coloring now cause I am going to need it.

Verizon sucks you fill in the blank

Yesterday started out harmless enough. J had a drs appt and we had some errands to do and we had to have J back at the school by quarter to 5 to get ready for his jazz festival.

So we were up early with time to kill so I thought I would catch up on the news and grabbed my trusty laptop opened it up and tried to acess the internet. It said that my internet was disconnected due to an account problem. So I called them and as soon as I can calm down enough to register a complaint I am going to. I am also going to look into different internet options.

I owed a old bill that had a directv charge we paid that through directv. But no one could confirm that so what we did was paid the old bill again and postponed paying our telephone bill by a couple weeks.

Verizon took two freaking days muliple calls and frustration my internet is finally on. It should have never been turned off to begin with.

That is where I have been.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I am going to do some bragging

Please excuse me I am going to do some bragging. My wonderful great son bought home an awesome report card. First some history One reason we live where we live is because of the school district I had problems with another school district that tested J and told us he was developmentally delayed and would never live up to his potential. Me and Mike knew better in second grade they had J doing kindergarten work because the teacher didnt want to take the time to work with him.

We complained and the teacher said we should be happy he is making honor roll I said yes but he isnt being challenged.

We moved into our school district and we love it retested J and said he is not developmentally delayed he is a different learner. So we worked with the learning support teacher and J and his reg teachers came up with a plan and stuck to it. We never made excuses for him and always made him work to his potential and a little beyond at some times.

When he joined the fire dept one of the conditions was he had to keep up his grades. He has he knows if he doesnt turn in homework there will be problems. After school tutoring was mandatory last year this year we said and teachers agreed we will not make it manditory but if your grades start to slip then it will be.

Today was report card his nine week grading period GPA is 90.89

His grades are English 89 percent which is a B
Amer Cultures 92 percent which is an A
Foundations (math)99 percent which is an A
Global Science is an 79 percent which is a C
Theater Arts 85 percent which is a B
High school band 100 percent A
Gym 87 percent which is a B

Sarah made honor roll for the 3rd nine weeks she has made honor roll all grading periods this year so far and is trying to make it for the next grading period also. We tell the kids education is one of the best gifts you can receive yall will do your best and not waste this gift.

I am very proud of them.

Ropes class

BoldLast night as we were getting hit with a bad snow storm that will last till Thursday ( I dont mind cause I dont have to take Buford out lol) J didnt get home till 11:30 had to detour and they got lost.

He came home so excited they are going to repell off a bridge in Franklin Pa in May. I dont want to know how tall this bridge is.

He has had so many oppurtunties since joining the fire dept next year he will be taking ems classes. He wanted to do that this year but he is way to busy and the teacher suggested he wait cause he cant be on an ambulance rig till he is 16 anyway. This summer he is taking a cpr and first aid course to get all this started I am excited for him he really enjoys that type of work.

Monday, April 6, 2009


So very bored today. Has anyone seen the new burger king commerical with the square booties. OMG so very funny. J is at ropes tonight S is doing homework not much going on.

Maybe something will happen later. Have a good day all

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Lazy Sunday

My Sunday was spent on the loveseat sleeping we are under a winter storm watch and I can feel the weather changing in my foot and toe. I had to take a vicadin which is unusual I have only been taking one at night just before bed.

The kids took pictures of the animals sleeping . Boots was sleeping in a basket of towles and Buford was curled up on the loveseat.

The kids also love their bikes. It was a beautiful day outside for them to ride. We had the front door open and the screen doors window down the fresh air felt great.

J forgot the camera yesterday his teams robot came in Second and First for most documention if yall are interested I can send a link with the story. That is all for now. Hope everyone had a great weekend

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Free money

Well after I posted it got rather interesting around here with Mike purchasing lottery tickets, chocolate milk and donuts.

He got very happy and said to look at this and handed me the ticket. He hit 500 dollars yaaaaaaay. So we sat and discussed which bills needed paid and how much we would have left. Then he says do you feel up to going to walmart I said sure. (Anything to get some time off the loveseat sounds great).

We bought the kids new bikes!!!!!!!! J's was a little less expensive then S's but we got him an expensive pair of steel toed boots that he needs for firecalls and vo tech next year. They each got new helmets also.

On a somber note please remember the Officers that were killed in Pittsburgh today. Our hearts goes out to them and its a senseless killing. Pittsburgh is not far from here and we have been down there several times and have had contact with the local police there as they directed us to childrens hospital.

And a personal note to Lyn sorry it took so long to respond to your comment lol

A hodgepodge of pictures

BoldLBoldast night when I was cleaing out my cameras sm card I found some pictures I forgot about and some you probably have seen and there is one for Caroline with me and Buford and me and Marvin before she left us I love the rainbow ones there are more but these two are the best. I hope everyone has a good weekend
My weekend is being spent on the loveseat with a good book. J is at his Robotics competion and I hope he took the camera with him. S is with a friend they went shopping. So its just me and Mike he went and picked up lunch from one of our favorite deli's but its expensive to get food there as a family but it was a treat for him and I.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Insurance Nightmares

Yesterday at the dinner following the funeral I heard something that just made me sick and and angry and I know it happens Keith had been having chest pains all week but didnt go to the hospital cause he didnt have insurance. I know this goes on all across the country it needs to stop everyone deserves to have good and low cost health insurance.

Speaking of health insurance most of my day has been on the phone trying to get people to bill their services from the Great Foot Break of 2009 and the other half of the day arguing with the state about dental insurance that we did have it and we did pay for it. If one more person asks me am I sure that we have or had insurance health or dental I think I will scream.

On another note me bragging about our lovely weather has bitten me on the bum. Not only is it raining and grey but it is suppose to snow Monday ,Tuesday and Wends and remain quite chilly till next Saturday or Sunday.

My inlaws are coming out later and we are going to try a new Wii game. It looks like fun.

Have a great day all

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Todays Observations

Today was my dear cousins funeral we did not go the funeral but did go to the cemetary. I took my walker and my wheelchair so I wouldnt hae to stand on my foot or anything. Everybody (even people I didnt know) came over to inquire about the purple cast one person didnt and I am kind of sad.

He was my half brother who I had been looking for and he didnt come to the dinner aftwards but I did get an email adress for him so I may email him. I should have stayed home and rested but I am glad I did go I am the only out of my mom and two other brothers that attended.

I am tired but it was worth it. But my cousin April helped me a lot today she even offered to come out and help me shower but I did that last night. And no one yelled about me wearing sweats I did choose purple sweats and a purple dressy sweater to wear hoping people would just think it was a pants suit. But it matches the lovely purple cast.

Okay that is all for now.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Better day

I am having a better day. The z pack has kicked in ears feel better throat is still a little sore. I am zen with my 15 pound friend. But if April 28th comes around and he says no walking I may just blow my top and I am a redhead and my top goes pretty far. I am not going to the funeral tonight but will go tomorrow to the church.

Although I am kind of bummed that I wont be able to hear or see J play tonight in the district band. My inlaws are going though and promised to tape it. He has had some long hours this week finishing his robot for a competion on Saturday tonight he wont be home till after 8.

Nothing else going on here at the moment. Hoping everyone is having a great day.