Friday, July 31, 2009


Well my brother said lets go out by moms and practice driving I said okay I was scared to death to drive out there cause there are some steep hills that starts another hill with amish buggies hidden down in the hills.

Well I survived so did Bubba and his car no amish buggies were harmed and I conqured a busy road and crossed over to get to a restraunt. Bubba smoked a lot and tried to yell and I told him that making me nervous was not a good idea. I did have a little bit of trouble backing out of my moms driveway but no one is perfect till they have practice.

Its not overwhelming at all the manual makes it seem that way but its not hope everyone is going to have a great weekend

Thursday, July 30, 2009

An interesting day

It has been a very interesting day. First I passed my permit test missed one question and I didnt really miss it it was worded funny but I did fail my eye exam and I hear yall saying how did you do that with all the contact drama that I blogged about last month. Well let me explain.

Eye vision chart high (made for tall people) me not so tall and a guy that couldnt adjust it for short people so he failed me I said no problem and went to my eye dr who signed my form and I was on my merry way.

Mikes cell phone had gone off for about the millionth time and I thought it was the boy calling again to ask what he could have to eat but it wasnt it was Career link people calling to tell him in record time our state capital approved his training and if he can get clearence from the doctor he is set to start school Aug 10th.

So its been a very good day except for some reason my laptop is throwing a fit. I hope it gets over it soon.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

THE INN IS FULL!!!!!!!!!!!! and thats my story

Tonight sitting here reading my drivers manual (tomorrow is the test). There was a stray that eats out back meowing at the front door wanting in. NOOOOOO THE INN IS FULL!!!!!!!!!! no more kitties no more doggies no more four legged animals (till the next kitten).

I would love to start a non profit spay and neuter program but that would be expensive and expensive is not good right now.

In other news Mike is bummed he is a diabetic and he has not been careful about keeping tabs on his count well he has to go see his family dr Monday cause the physician asstistant wouldnt pass him cause of sugar in is urine. So please cross your fingers this is just a stone in the path and can be easily removed.

I will post my results of permit test tomorrow its multiple choice so I should be okay I joked with Caroline earlier if they would mind if I took my manual in with me she said no that I probably couldnt do that. OH well so I need to know it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Number 23 why I love my husband

My mom thinks Mike is mean and I shouldnt have married him but this is based on the fact that he tries to protect me from her and some of her actions.

Today we ran up to walmart to do our neighbors shopping as tomorrow will be busy we were waiting in the express line and it was kind of congested and there was 2 black women at the cashiers and having trouble with their bank card. This guy in front of us turned to Mike and said I should have known they were holding up the line.

Mike asked is it cause they are black or because they are women and the guy replied cause they were black and Mike said to this guy I should tell you my sister in law is black and I dont care to hear your opinions. I asked him if he would have agreed with the guy if he had said because of women Mike said he would have said the same thing.

We got to talking about this in the car and in front of S and Mike said no one should put down race,sex,color, sexual prefence. Yaaaaaaaay kids are learning by example.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Police issue drug charges to man who asks for directions

Police issue drug charges to man who asks for directions This should be filed under dumb criminals good Lord. This guy was just plain stupid or maybe in N.Y. the police dont care about pot but here they do which is good.

More tomorrow

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A headache

For the past two days my head has really hurt either from Pepper and her obsessive barking or my daughter arguing with me and her dad over every little thing. She is having her friend sleep over tonight ( her dads idea) and Pepper has decided between the thunder and the girls laughing she needs to alert us. She needs barkers anoymous.

I will be back tomorrow and update you on Peppers health or S's health and her friends if they dont settle down.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Half of A Political Post half of an annoying day post

As I stated before Mike and I are registered republicans I have always considered myself a moderate republican (please forgive me). I voted for GWB hoping he would be like his dad he wasnt I voted for him a second time cause I believed what we were doing in Iraq needed done till the whole MWD discussion came out and it was proven unfounded sigh.

I never did care for Dick nor was I surprised he shot someone accidently hunting. After the second election and more and more things came out I was sad that I had voted the way I had but whats a gal to do. I always listen to both candidates sides and this time listened very carefully to what everyone was saying and Me and Mike both stated early on who we were voting for and he won and hopefully our country will get back on track.

My mom says that she cant stand the current adminstration well mom I say you need to listen more and quit judging him on his color. I have told her if it wasnt for him we would be up the creek with no paddle as Mikes unemployment is about to run out in a couple weeks the current president has made it possible to extend his unemployment so we wont be living on the street just yet and something else that has been talked about a lot here is Mikes training the school that he will attend will be paid for and that is good cause I do know that we cant afford 7400 tution.

Then there was something in our local paper at that D*ick Ch*eny had wanted his boss to send military into Buffalo Ny to arrest 6 terroists.
known as the Lackawagna 6 this is a big no no according to the U.S Consitution you know the thing that they pledged to serve and protect not walk on or around.
that scares me that this almost happened in their terms of terrorists one has to wonder if you bad mouthed them would you be seen as a terrorist something to think about.

Okay on to the annoying day part when one is trying to listen to ones child play an 800 dollar trumpet that ones parents shelled out for it would be nice if the lady would get off her cell phone so people could hear insteead of trying to yell over the band I know this ladys plans for the night instead of hearing my son play zippee do da day on the above mentioned trumpet.

As we (me my brother and Miss S) was going to our local firemans carnival either we sideswept them or they side swept us (no major damage, nor anyone hurt) the womans son gets out and starts yelling at my brother that hes going to pay for a new vechicle and if he watched what he was doing and all this. I told Bubba dont get out this guy is mad and someone called the police so we didnt go to the carnival cause bubba was nervous and I was sore from standing there talking with the police who were very nice and told the guy to calm down that there wasnt that much damage done just a scratch.

Hope everyone is having a great day and I would love to think what yall think about the first part of the blog.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Updates on several fronts

Well my cats are calming down and there has been more sniffing and less hissing today which is a good sign. Our male kitty Boots who is neutred is absoultly in love with Peaches and will play with her and sleep with her one down 5 more to go.

Mike submitted his training request to Harrisburg today and it will be approved upon passage of a drug test and physical which we are not at all worried about. As I stated before neither of us do drugs. So everything is set for him to start school on Aug 10th lets pray and cross our fingers that his shop doesnt call him back before then.

Peaches is laying on my chest sleeping and has already worked her way into our hearts. Its a good thing we like cats. As I look around at the 7 cats already living here all of them are rescues this makes me happy and sad all at the same time I am happy we were able to rescue them and give them a loving home but it makes me sad that someone was irresponsible with their pets. that is all I have for today

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Peaches is our new family member the other cats are packing their treats and toys as we speak they walk into the living room smell her and hiss at her. I am sure everyone will adjust or at least I hope.

She will be spayed when she is a bit older we think she is about 4 weeks old she isnt able to eat hard food yet although she can chow down on the wet food and she loves pounce treats and she knows what to do with a litter box yaaaaay.

We were sitting in the living room watching tv and Mike started laughing and told me to look its a black male cat named lover boy wanting in meowing and pawing at the front door. Mike went out and fed him. I am going to construct a sign that says THE INN IS FULL free food out back but I dont want to see your cute face.

People need to be responsible for their pets if they dont want them instead of dumping them and hoping it all turns out okay. Take them to a shelter the pets that you do care for get them spayed or neutred.

Thats all I have for today. Hope everyone is safe and happy

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Parenting teens continued cause blogger is being a pita

Aeryn and Mikeys parents think its okay for them to chew tobacco first its disgusting and unhealthy and to mention illegal. Law is 18 years old.

We have sat J down and told him that if we catch him with any tobacco products he will not get his drivers license until a year from when he turns 16. From what I understand of the drivers manual and I have been reading you have to be in fairly good health to drive and he wont be also if he is caught on school property with tobacco we are not paying any fines. And their will be punishment severe punishment as I told him I brought you into this world I can and will take you out of it.

I cant tell Aeryn and Mikeys parents I think what they are doing is wrong cause its not my place to question their parental decisions. Its a poor one and I have talked to my nephews about this.

But we can control Js decisions and he wont be doing that.

In other news we have a new family member as much as I didnt want to I just couldnt leave her outside.

Someone dumped a not even 6 week kitten in our yard. She is a female who will be spayed when its time. Its storming out. As full as our house is with animals I suppose their is room for one more. I really need to find that sign that says we welcome all stray cats. Her name is Peaches and she has a yellow stripe down her face will try to get a picture of her up soon. I wonder if the county assistance office will take in account of the extra mouth to feed.

Parenting teens

We are kind of strict with our children we expect them to do well in school to do their chores and take care of the animals that they talked us into and to take responisbility for their actions and words.

We very carefully guard who their friends are as my mom says they lead a sheltered life. We dont drink alochol on a regular basis nor do we do drugs cause we believe to lead by example. Although Mike does smoke and has been working very hard to change that.

I get from S well my friends mom lets her date and wear makeup and I say well I am not your friends mom usually she storms off to her room and slams her door and throws her little princess attitude and I dont care as long as I dont have to hear it or see it its fine.

I have two nephews how are a little older then J Aeryn is two months older and Mikey is 1 year older and they are step brothers and I love them dearly Aeryn is our actual nephew for the record.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Health Care

I dont like living in a world of what ifs. What if Mike doesnt like driving trucks, what if I dont like him being gone all the time. If you live in a world of what ifs your afraid to try because of the what if theory. But I am stuck in the world of what if. Let me explain.

I admit I am a news junkie I like to be informed I like to know what is going on nationally and locally and state wise and in the news right now is health care and the fact that millions of people are without health care and people especially republicans (which I am but am giving it up for lent) dont see what the problem is with that fact. I have a big problem with it as a family we are fornute that we have health coverage but I remember a time that we had to cut back our grocery list cause Mikes medicine co pay is 75 dollars a month or he would cut his pills in half.

My world of what ifs started a couple months ago we all knew my mil was not feeling well but she just put it off as a virus that would pass in a couple days and would not go to the dr cause it was so expensive and she had NO health care zip none although her Dr is a kind and caring indivual and said not to worry about the money pay us when you get it. My mil did not like owing people. So she didnt go then she got really sick and still wouldnt go till my fil said you have to go and when she went it was to late the damage was already started.

I have to wonder what if she had gone to the dr or the er earlier would she still be here or was her time to go I dont know. I wish I had a bigger following here I want everyone to be involved write to your local senator, congressman or congresswoman let them know about this issue its to important to leave to other people.

And when you say its not an important issue to your family leave a comment and I will share with you our story of camping out at the hospital the kids loosing a grammy they loved and adored or Me loosing a mil that I loved and adored or her husband who mourns for her or her sons that cant understand how this happened to her so fast.I pray everyday that no one looses a family member cause they didnt have health insurance. I pray everyday that I will leave the world of what ifs ( I am working on this).

And could someone please tell Mr Lim*baugh to shut his big fat mouth Bill O*reilly also.

Thank you for listening to me.

Monday, July 20, 2009


It seems like me and Mike having been jumping through hoops to get the federal funding for him to go back to school well it appears that we have jumped through the right hoops and are almost there. He has been accepted into the school he wants its an 8 week course they have opened one in Meadville Pa so its closer and has a start date which is almost 3 weeks away.

He has a meeting with career links friday and after his meeting I will go take my permit test. I am looking forward to all these new changes that are coming these are postive changes that will benefit the family which is well needed at this point.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A baking experience and other ramblings

Wendsday we were out and about and near my favorite menonite bulk store and I told Mike I wanted to stop and get some yeast so we did and picked up some other things like various bags of chocolate chips some with white chocolate swirled and a bag with milk chocolate, white chocolate, semi sweet chocolate. So today I made chocolate chip cookies and attempting to get frozen bread dough to rise.

The cookies turned out great except I dropped a whole cookie sheet full onto the floor Pepper enjoyed them. GRrrrrrr

I keep telling Mike the bread would rise better if the air was turned up but hes not hearing it. I would generally make it in the breadmaker since the beloved paddle has been safely returned but I dont have enough flour and wanted to try the frozen loaves anyways.

Sleuth has been playing James Bond yesterday and today I cant decide if I like Sean Connery, or Pierce Bronson so tell me whos your favorite Bond guy.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A lovely day

Today has just been lovely its cool. Started out this morning taking oreo aka cookie to the vets her brother scratched her in the eye the other day and it wasnt looking any better so we wanted to make sure there was nothing in it or contagious.

The vet stained her eye and said nothing on the eye ball but the conjuctvites is all irrated and he doesnt think its contagious and that her brother is a big bully for
picking on such a cute girl. And it didnt break the checkbook yaay.

We came home put the ontiment in her eye and gave her a treat and she didnt scratch or bite yaaaaay I get to keep my skin intact.

Messed around on the laptop and felt tired so I told Mike have fun with the children I think I will take a nap and I did came down to find supper started and almost done. Yaaaaaaay again.

Hope everyone is having a good day

Friday, July 17, 2009

a busy day that wasnt to be all that busy

Yesterday Mike shocked me and said lets load up the lawnmowers and go to your moms and mow I said okay while wondering what happened to my husband and also wondered if he had bumped his head somehow. But that is what we did.

A couple things yall should know is my mom owns almost 2 acres of land and no one has mowed since well forever she should have hired farmers just to hay it and be done cause it was really bad. Well we got half of it done and yes I helped for a little bit and lived lol.

Today I went and donated blood and I planned on coming home and just relaxing the rest of the day nothing doing we headed back over there he wanted to get it mowed before it started raining. But I sat on the deck cutting various veggies for salads. So that was my day tomorrow we have to take oreo to the vets she got scratched by her brother in the eye want to make sure its fine

Have a good weekend all.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am trying

I got up this morning acomplished a couple little tasks that I wanted to and then mail came and then it got really hard not to yell scream or threaten (although its not wise to threaten a federal employ). The social security people sent me a letter saying if I didnt sumbit proof of Mikes unemployment by 3 days then I would not receive benefits.

It went on to say they wanted unemployment records from Oct 2008 to present. I looked at Mike and said Oct 2008 you were still employed and I did turn in the print out of Jan to April unemployment. So I called my local caseworker. She tried to tell me that yes he was unemployed in Oct I said no he wasnt I am trying to be nice and polite and I said we turned paystubs in for Oct in Nov he didnt get laid off till Jan.

She told me her computer was saying unemployment started in Oct she said let me look somewhere else and came back on and said Mrs. Rice your right his unemployment started Jan of 2009. Thank you!!! This is our federal government people its no wonder that Social Security is such a mess. She still can not find what she did with the first report I turned in so I called Pa Labor and they are sending out a statement after Mike told them it was okay for me to speak with them.

Tomorrow me and Mike will be donating blood I did this when I was younger but its been awhile. Mike says he never has.

I pray that someone sprinkles some good karma on the social security office. They need it.

BTW I love the hair its a little shorter then I wanted it but its okay.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shedding and Goals

I did something drastic today I had 15 inches of hair cut off and it will be donated to locks of love. I feel lighter and better and I have decided as of today the first half of the year is done it is what it is and I cant change it I cant get Mikes job back and I cant bring mom back as much as I want to so its time to look to the second part of the year I cant unbreak my foot.

There are new changes coming as I have a new hairstyle. Instead of dwelling on the past and feeling bad about things its time to look forward to the new things. Not that I will miss Mom any less. But I will focus on healing even if I have to remind myself several times a day its okay she is at peace and its time for us to be at peace too. Will it be easy NO. But thats okay I am not one to back down from a challenge.

I almost talked myself out of driving it seems almost overwhelming but I told Mike as we were coming home I know that I will do my best to be a safe driver and not intenally cause harm to myself or anyone else. If I have an accident its just that an accident. I have some other goals in mind also.

As I sat and listened to the speaker this morning who I knew she was a year ahead of me in our highschool but dropped out and had a childhood almost as bad as me change her thinking and life its nice to know I am not the only one to struggle with the past.

We are our own worst enemies at times yes it has been a sucky start to the year and yes it seems unfair and all the other words that mean not very good it doesnt mean the year has to end this way too It means the rest of the year can be good if that is what we put forward.

Friday I am going to donate blood so for the rest of the year its only going to be postive thoughts and actions. ( Okay at least I am going to give it damn hard try). It was an amazing workshop. Life should be like the N.ike slogan just do it dont talk yourself out of it( unless illegal) dont let people steal your dreams and if you dont succeed keep trying eventually you will get it.

Goals dont have to be major it could be as simple as cleaning the kitchen set they goal figure out the why of the goal and the how of the goal and after you have that just do it.

As she was speaking my mind drifted back to the day I had my hystorectomy and I woke up to find packing and a cather up my you know what and as uncomfortable as this I thought myself okay lets just get through the next 30 minutes and I drifted off to sleep and woke up and said good we did 30 minutes lets do 45 minutes and so forth between doing that and the demoral I got through it without whining.

I am sure that in the next 6 months there will be bad days but I am going to try to do a postive thing to make the day seem less negative and I will not dwell in the negatives.

Pictures tomorrow of the old hair and the new hair I love it and sometime in the next couple weeks I am going to add highlights to cover up some of the grey thats sneeking in.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mindless ramblings

Yesterday I meant to type I wouldnt be driving when I felt like I did yesterday. Today my balance is much better and I am feeling like myself. I dont like days like yesterday.

I went with Mike to his career links meeting things are looking good for the training and I got invited to attend a workshop tomorrow for goal setting. I said but I dont work and she asked if I did grocery shopping I said yes and she said well you can set a goal for shopping so I will go and listen.

Its beautiful day out spent most of the day sitting outside the sun does a lot to perk up the soul. Hope everyone is having a good day.

Monday, July 13, 2009

An off day

Today would not be a day that I would drive I dont hurt but I can tell my balance is off it took me awhile to get my contacts in especially the right one but I did it.

I have stumbled but caught myself about 4 times was going to do major grocery shopping but its off till tomorrow. So the rest of the day will be spent on the loveseat with my feet up not doing anything Mike said he would take care of supper. I really dont want anymore broken bones so here I sit and tomorrow will be better.

The way I look at it I can really read the drivers manual. Have a good day all

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Erie Police Department is headed by a moron

I am so glad we live in a small town with our own police force. Our guys do a good job but we listen to the news out of Erie Pa and Erie is about 30 minutes from us. You may remember the you tube video of an Erie patrolman making fun of a homicide victims mom, Well the department is back in the news and as a woman I am outraged.

There is an idiot on the loose robbing women and making them strip. He used a stun gun on two victims. You would think this would make the news right well your wrong. The Erie police department chief put a stop to the story cause he didnt want women to panic and didnt want to be investigating the paper boy.

If I were a paper boy I would be calling the equal rights people cause he just slandered a whole bunch of paperboys. As a woman I am outraged and would love to see certain body parts of his on a silver platter. It took a newspaper to question this because he didnt want to cause a panic so its okay to let the public not know about this cause we may panic.

How about treating women with diginity and respect not as some helpless creatures that may cause a panic because some idiot is attacking them. How about informing the neighborhood watch groups that these attacks are going on. How about informing the general public so women can stay out of the area or have someone walk with them or have their cell phone in there hand ready to use if they are attacked.

In my opinion if this story had been reported I have to wonder if we would have less victims then they have now. I am going to find his address andpost it women that read this blog are outraged as much as I am I say write him a letter and his superiors.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A step in healing

Some of you know and some of you dont know this about me but I love to sew. I have even made a top to a quilt and I have several outfits in my closet that I have made in high school and different points in my life.

I can change a needle in a sewing machine I can use the proper tools tightening the needle the pressor foot fell off and S is like okay now you broke it I said nope and reattached it. She was amazed (its good when you can still amaze a pre teen).

This hobby was also enjoyed by my mom in law and we worked together on different projects I still have a couple that we were working on before I broke my foot. Because of the great foot break of 2009 they were put on the back burner and then she got sick and left us. And I havent sewn since and really didnt want to I figured it would be hard.

Well my waterbed sheet was ripped almost up the middle (stupid sheets) and they are quite expensive so I told Mike I can fix this and he just looked at me and rolled his eyes. Well with the great bed leak of 2009 the sheet was washed and dried and Mike says okay I want to see you fix this. After I repaired the broken needle and rewound the bobbin I fixed the sheet and I enjoyed it so much that I will resume working on some of the projects I have in my basket waiting although it will be a little sadder without her it will be great to get back to something that I dearly love.

Watch for some up coming projects.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer camp with update

The kids are back from their summer camps one had a little more fun then the other and the other learned a little bit more then the other so I think its even. S enjoyed her camp and made a couple new friends and wants to go back in August and next year.

J worked a whole lot at his summer camp and loved it and learned about various aspects of the state police and wants to make a career out of it. He wont be able to go back as he is too old. I am glad his eyes are open to everyday people who risk their lives everytime they go out.

Today it has been hot the other development is my bed has a leak oh joy well off to find the hole. One hole fixed

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Doesnt make sense

Today I got up and called and checked my bank account and there was more money in there that should have been according to the checkbook so I looked online and my nemis the Social Security people put money in which is fine with me never going to turn down money.

S had an orthadonist appt so we did that (she has a hitman on speeddial they really tortured her today). I come home to find the mail and there is a notice in there that I was overpaid 265 dollars from April to May when Mike was unemployed the first time what doesnt make sense to me is why would they put the money in and then send out an overpayment letter? And no one can explain to me how the overpayment has happened. Our tax dollars hard at work people grrrrrrrr.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A day out

My brothers friend is sitting in jail and she is allowed out on work release so I went with my brother to pick her up so he didnt get lost. We dropped her off at work then went to see a friend of the family then stopped to see our mom and then back to the diner to see his friend and have some lunch. Then I came home and relieved Mike of teenage duty which is was quite happy with he is giving up smoking he has decided that is wife is right and we cant afford the money he shells out he had talked about quitting before but with all the changes around here he hasnt well the dr called meds in he will be doing chantex again with a patch or gum.

I have been reading the pa drivers manual can I say I feel overwhelmed and scared to death. Mike and my brother assure me its not all that complicated I hope they are right.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Changes are a coming

I am not one that likes changes but I will do them these last two months have been chalk full of changes the biggest was loosing mom. The second big change was Mike loosing his job or being laid off.

More changes are coming Mike going back to school and being over the road me home with two teens who may or may not survive we shall see. I had a drs appt today to talk about a couple things and I have a kidney infection I asked about anti depressives he said no not right now lets give it another month or two. He did suggest a better pain control plan which I agree with I have an appt with a pain mangament dr and we are (well me) is going to get an epidural and see how it works if it doesnt then we will explore other options.

In talking to my dr about all the changes he asked how I felt about Mike going over the road and I told him that I was worried about my sanity and the health of the two above mentioned teens and not having a driver in the house. Which he asked me you dont drive? I said no and he said why not and I answered that the dr before him wouldnt sign the physical form he felt I was not a good idea because of the MD.

I never questioned it well it turns out that the former dr was mistaken and if my legs dont react fast enough then he will sign a form for hand controls.

So guess who is studying a drivers ed manual. Me Me Me I am so excited although I dont think I want to drive in the winters we have. And I probably wont but I am so very excited.

Blood pressure is back down almost in the normal range from the stress of the last two months which he was happy with.

And the princess is back from camp but is spending the night at her friends cause her friend is moving away and they wont be able to see each other as much.

I say bring on the changes it will work out no matter what it seems like in that moment I am learning this. I am learning its okay to cry and mourn a loved one and I probably will but I have learned in the end it will be okay. that doesnt mean I am ruling out the anti depressives will probably need them and a straight jacket when Mike travels. Good lord help me.

Monday, July 6, 2009

A calm peaceful day

Not much going on here today it has been nice and quiet and I spent the biggest part of the day outside sitting in the sun reading and reflecting. Avoiding the phone and other media outlets.

I called my father in law today and wished him a happy birthday although I am certain it was a hard day for him this is the first without his mom or his wife.

I also had a dream last night it was so real that I woke up Mike telling him he needed to talk to this guy so he would give mom back and Mike kept telling me he wasnt talking to any guy and to go back to sleep and I told him no he needed to talk to him cause he had mom and wanted to return her. Finally after Mike telling me that mom wasnt here anymore it dawned on me it was a dream and I laid back down and went back to sleep. Its a good thing I am cute or he loves me.

Well thats all hope everyone had a good day.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Almost a new member to the family

My phone rang the other night and it was my friend we have been friends since the 5th grade and that is where he got Buford from. She knows that we love animals her friends dad died and left behind a 5 year old cocker spaniel. He came with food,collar,leash,dog house. bowls.

We almost said yes infact we did then I remember the 6 non dogs that live here so I asked her does he like cats and she said let me find out. She called back and said he likes cats for lunch. So I told her we had to decline although I was sorry.

I told Mike I want a small dog smaller then Buford we are not good canidates for rescue groups though cause of Pepper and the kids. But then the Inn is kind of full I keep telling J I am willing to trade him and Pepper (no not really but let him think that).

Saturday, July 4, 2009

update and sun

Last night I had a temp and my throat was covered with white spots yeah strep went into urgi care cause my doctor is out till the 6th he started me on a z pack and already I am feeling better. What is up with strep in July?

Today the sun is out and its stopped raining and I have sat outside enjoying the patio furniture and a crossword book. We arent doing much for the holiday for one I dont want to spread strep and second its just nice to chill and not worry about cooking dishes or going anywhere Mike did take us for icecream which was really yummy.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend. Be safe

Friday, July 3, 2009


Uggh I am sick as in sore throat and ears hurt sick. What is up with that its July not the middle of winter. I need sun and less cold and rain.

Well at least it explains all the sleeping


Rain rain go away come back about 2 months from now. You can go to Kansas where a certain person will love you but we are done with you here. More later

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Busy rainy day

It has been raining all day sometimes slow sometimes hard. It so needs to stop anytime now we are starting to get flooding and my side yard is a great big water puddle.

Well the princess is off to summer camp for 5 days the house is definatly quiet and my headache is going away (not saying she caused it).

My brace is in the new shoes the new shoes I paid 40 dollars for and I love them I dont think I will ever buy cheap shoes again.

Mike went up and got things started for schooling he is going to get his cdl and drive truck more about that decision at a later date. I support him just dont be surprised if the kids are ducttaped when he comes home.

My day started at 6 20 A.M. by Two I needed a nap and the contacts had to come out because they were in from 10 30 yesterday morning to about 1 30 in the morning and I dont think my eyes had enough time without them in and I dont think the contacts were soaked long enough cause my eyes felt grainy so here I sit in my glasses.

That is about it did I mention we have had enough rain it almost feels like fall and not summer. Hope everyone has a great weekend and be safe.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer camp and Star wars

Well S is ready and packed for 5 days of summer camp down by Pittsburgh I am ready for 5 days of peace and quiet although I am sure the house will be sad and quiet but maybe my headache will go away. One can hope.

Okay being a child of the 70s I missed the big hype of Star Wars and I didnt care about the new ones that came out later then directv gave us 3 months of hbo and Mike kind of fell in love with the new ones along with the kids but I kept my I dont care stance well the Spike channel has been playing the newer ones and I am dropping my I dont care stance and actually look to be great movies and I told Mike okay I need to see the older ones made in the 70s and 80s I know the characters like Luke and Lea and darth vader and the robots so we are going to watch the old ones and look for me floating or building an ark no sight of the rain letting up.