Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OP ed for sociology

Pink Floyd sang " We dont need an education hey teachers leave them kids alone" I have to say I love that song in fact I played it so much my kids love the song. My 17 year old tells me " mom I don't need an education." oh my young son how wrong you are. Education has been a big subject in my house lately I had to leave a math class I need to go to an IEP meeting for my son and I was annoyed at this cat that the teacher requested this meeting cause no homework was being completed which resulted in failing grades for two classes. I am lucky to be on two sides of this coin how many times have parents said homework is a pain in the bum or its unfair.

Its just work to control home life. As a student I find it annoying that I have to do homework in my adult life but I see the importance of it. Gasp I know! I tried to explain to the the boy that doing your math homework prepares you for the a quiz or test which counts more then the homework does. Guess what if you can do the homework you probably can do the quiz or test quite well. ( Dont tell my math professor this).We need to teach our children how important education is how to take advantage of it.while young how to embrace and soak it all up while we live. How it matters in our everyday life and in our career choices. How education makes us better informed voters,customers,employees, and employers. How the more education you have the better you life is going to be its shown that the higher eduction is the better job security you have. The more education you have the more pay you can receive.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with being a hole digger but think would you rather be using your back to make 7 50 an hour or use your brain to design the tools to do the hole digging and make 15.00 dollars an hour and not use your back?

we talk about childhood poverty and how to combat it I think one of the first places to start with this is education. Educate the parents make preschools and Headstart programs available in every community in every neighborhood.Hold schools accountable for what they are teaching pay teachers more. Its sad that an NFL quarterback makes more in one football season then a teacher will never see in there lifetime and these teachers shape the future of our kids.

Make school districts provide books and materials needed for the that teacher to succeed. Make private schools available if the school district is not meeting state standards. Lets stop teaching our children how to take tests and actually teach them what may be on the test. Government needs to fund more education and stop cutting that in the budget when something doesnt equal out.

Lets make secondary education more accessible to young adults. Lets invest in them. Not burden them with student loans that will take almost their lifetime to pay off. Make college level books affordable. I have a chance to talk with a Pa rep about education and volunteer services My son is a vol fire fighter who serves his community a Community or State College should give them a break on tuition. There are several laws that we need to change and they need to be changed right now. My sons teacher told me that my son has the right by law to sit in school and do nothing and if he fails the school cant do anything to change this. I am surprised this in an option for the school district. I told his teacher that it may be law in the school but its not an option in this house. It shouldnt be an option in schools either. Its my belief that when President Bush signed No Child Left Behind he didnt mean to cause harm. But no Child left behind has caused harm. Its caused our teachers to teach children how to take tests instead of teaching them lessons.
Its caused sick kids to be penalized and school districts to be penalized for the sick kids when it cant be helped. We need to make it so a 17 year old cant sign himself out of school and the next day sign up for welfare benefits.. We need to make sure teachers and administrators have the support of parents and community. We need to fund more towards education and technology.

Sorry long post long paper would love to know your thoughts on this.

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