Friday, August 13, 2010

I need a virgin or two please.

I know today is Friday the 13th I know people say that Friday the 13th is bad I say hogwash wait let me rephrase that maybe not so hogwashish.

Today was to be my non hospital day I had to do somethings to get ready for school and S had therapy and it was a nice day to go swimming so we headed to the local rec complex and they are closed due to a fundraising event. No problem we can roll with the punches and go somewhere else to swim.

So S and her friend swim and they decided maybe we could go to a couple thrift stores and shop cause thats what females do the best right?

We all pile in the car and go and I smell fluid oil or something like that and my car is not running right so I pull over and call my husband and he said you need to have it towed.

Nice I have S and her friend and S's therapist in the car the car isnt moving with transmission fluid all over the road. Yeah nice just what I need.

I need to make an offering to the Gods. How many virgins are needed to get the universe back in alignment?


  1. Some days you wonder why you got out of bed, don't you? I hope your car is back on the road soon!

  2. Yes and now the dishwasher isnt running I give up.