Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My day

It has been a wonderful day here and I have done nothing put in the contacts this morning came downstairs took care of some paperwork for our cobra insurance.

Then it started raining I had Buford on one side of me and Tiggs on my lap and I slept almost all day I probably wont sleep tonight Mike started supper I love him more and more every day lol. I love the sound of a soft steady rain although I might have to construct an ark for all the rain that is coming. Erie Pa is flooded pretty bad.

My mom called and Mike told her I was napping and he wasnt disturbing me and I havent called her back yet. How has your day been?

Monday, June 29, 2009


I think I have figured out at least 75% of where my stress is coming from. I thought it would be from my kids you know they are entering teen years and I dont think its going to be like the terrible twos!!

The source is my mom when she calls and says oh by the way do you have any money for me and I said umm no I dont have money for a gallon of milk that is getting low from the above mentioned teens. She says to me if I dont have 2000 dollars by the 2nd of July my house is going to be up for sherriffs sale. I say I dont have any money and then she starts to say its us kids responsibility to pay her back taxes and I bit and asked her how she figured this.

She made sacrafices. I said oh and she said you remember Terry. Yes mom I remember Terry I remember begging you not to let him come back but you told me he was cause you loved him and you needed him. Untill the next time he beat you up. She had to be a mom after dad died I dont remember that either I remember getting in trouble cause I cooked dinner wrong or my brothers went to school with mismatched socks on.

Grrr she makes me so mad sometimes.


Today is a better day I am not hurting like I was yesterday which in its self is a blessing and I am getting better at putting the contacts in didnt drop them at all today.

Mike got a call from the school he is interested in and that seems to be coming along also which is a load off my mind now if I could get rid of the other 6987 million things in there.

I came downstairs from the shower and getting dressed to find a splenda bag and powered white stuff shredded between the living and dining room it would be less frustrating if she would eat the splenda instead of just shredding the bag. I told J platoon leader the other day they should start a dog boot camp Pepper will be the first signed up.

One more thing to add my contacts are in as in the eye drs office ordered them Friday afternoon and called me this morning to tell me they have them. Will pick them up Wensday.

Hope everyone is having a good day and if there is anyone out there that would like a neurotic counter surfing evil dog. Leave your number

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I woke up hurting about 10 hurting really bad arms and legs and back felt like they were on fire I used the restroom and laid back down and slept till 1 when Mike woke me up. I didnt even attempt to put my contacts in. I have been weepy today everything makes me cry even the stupid verizon commericals.

Then I read my friend Lyns blog that spoke to me more then it knows but I couldnt leave that in her comments cause I was on the verge of heavy tears so there is two reasons I am blogging about this first is to thank Lyn for the words that moved me and second to reflect and expand on what she said and I have one or two readers that dont read her blog.

Her theory in a nutshell is you have to own a situation before life gets back to normal and this takes about a year. People have said to me she was your mother in law not your mom you should be over this I am sure if you ask me next year at this time my heart will still be broken and I will still miss her terribly for the rest of my days she was a very special person that I was lucky to have come in my life and compelty change it.

The other thing that we have to own is Mike no longer has a job we have 3 months of unemployment and he is trying to get training but waiting for other people to get their crap together and get the funding going. Its scary what happens if the unemployment runs out.

I have a drs appt in the middle of July I am so tempted to ask him for anti depressives but then I think I am not depressed its just we keep getting hit with bad news or more stress. Drama at my moms that I dont want the kids involved in and she keeps pressing for the kids she cant understand the concept of keeping them safe which is mine and Mikes job and we will continue to do it.

I wanted to ask Lyn what happens if you dont want to own the situation but I didnt and I have been thinking about this all day. It doesnt matter if you want to own the situation or not it is what it is. You cant change it you can say it sucks and its unfair and throw a temper tantrum if you want but the situation hasnt changed and I am thinking so I have to change the way I react to the situations. I am sure the tears are still going to fall and I am sure I will miss her till the end of time. But instead of crying and thinking this is unfair I am going to try to direct my energys into doing something good so I can look back on this in a 1 year and look at all the good deeds I have done in her name. First one will be donating blood if they will take it.

Second I will help my community as much as I can.

The unemployment situation I am just going to have to let it go and hope that stuff comes together for the training and let Mike deal with that.

Again Lyn thank you very much for publishing your theory it has helped in more ways then you know.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bread Paddle

The bread machine paddle has been found and hugs and kisses have been given to the princess that found it. The culprit has been fingered and as soon as the dog dna comes back she will be found guilty of counter surfing and stealing the beloved paddle and will go to bed without her milk bone. Any one want to guess who the dog is.


I am in an annoyed mood today I am trying not to be but several things have just bugged the heck out of me today.

1. The 8 year old neighbor boy that has been here several times wanting J to go up and play we tried to explain to him that J just got home and we want to spend time and Pepper hasnt been walked. Finally we just gave up and let J go at least Pepper stopped barking.

2. S and her telling me no I so want to smack her mouth but I havent. Why do kids think its okay to tell parents no when it comes to chores?

3. Money and loss of Mikes job I have no control over this but it still annoys me while we are talking about jobs and loss of people on strike annoy me to dont they realize how lucky they are to have a job.

4. Mom in law I know that situation cant be helped but it seems so unfair that she isnt here she was suppose to see her grandkids graduate highschool, babies being born and come out and play wii with us after the cast came off.

5. Peppers barking I suspect now that the neighborhood brat is done knocking on the door she is done grrrrrr.

6. The feeling of being annoyed I dont like feeling like this I dont like feeling that I want to scream,cry .

I was thinking a nap would help but its to late maybe an early bedtime is in order

Friday, June 26, 2009

Safe and Sound and other mumblings

The boy is home safe and sound he made it a week of hard training and loved it I see a military career in his future. I told him platoon leader they need to start a dog training camp Pepper will be the first one signed up.

I have to add she did great this week cause Mike took her out and he has more strength then I do and will not allow her to go after the strays. But one has to defends ones yard right?

I ordered 6 months of contacts today for 90 dollars which is cheaper then the boys in this house I told them its nice to have eyes that are the same. And I have passed contact wearing week one with 3 minor incidents and two of them were today I lost a contact still havent found it and I scratched my left eye in the corner from an eyelash poking it he said I may not want to wear the contacts for a couple days but to see how it feels. So we will see.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


My bread paddle has not been found or returned (sigh) so my husband told me a tale of women making bread without a bread machine I said no way and he said yes way.

So me and the princess set out to prove him wrong that there was no truth to his tale a trip to the grocery store to retrieve flour we set our plan in motion measured everything mixed it into a ball of dough thinking this isnt going to work.

Electric went out for about 45 minutes and I asked Mike what are we going to do now no oven to bake the bread if it raises. He in his calmness said dont worry it will be back on and you will see my tale is true.

The blob of dough raised once and me and the princess kneaded it back down to a respectful size and we shook our heads and said that was a fluke it wont raise again. It raised again at this point I am thinking this tale was true and you can make bread without a bread machine.

So the massive size of dough was divided into halfs and cooked it smells yummy and looks so good. I think maybe someone owes her husband an apology.

Can I add its easier in the bread machine so I shouldnt apologize too much right?

Breaking news

Our local news has reported that Michael Jackson has died. Unbelievable I lost respect for him when he turned weird. Sleeping with children and whatnot

Camp Cadet

If anyone is interested in seeing J's week they published a slideshow in http://www.meadvilletribune.com/ and it has commentary it was very interesting and I am assuming he is still alive cause no one has called to say come pick up a body. I swear the princess is going next year.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Princess attitude

Good lord its been a very trying week in my house. S is grounded because of the text messages she sent she is not a happy camper that she is grounded and has made her unhappiness known. A simple task of unloading the dishwasher has been a nightmare with me and her dad telling her if she wants to act like a baby she can take a nap like a baby.

I very rarely spank my children first I dont believe you can solve things by hitting although I am not against spanking its the last resort and second I believe if they have to loose something or dont have the priviledge of some electronic it works better. But I almost restored to spanking cause its just been insane. My mom says its hormones I dont buy its all hormones. She is to be leaving for a week of summer camp in about a week if this attitude continues she will be staying home and not have fun with her friends.

J gets mad then hes over it. Not her I am wanting to get my rugs shampooed and I need her help to pick some of the things up I think I will wait till I catch her in a good mood how many days till school?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ghosts and lessons learned today

Ummmmm who ever broke into my house and stole my bread machine paddle could you please return it I will pay a handsome reward I love my breadmaker an this makes me so bummed and if it was a ghost who took it please return it no questions asked.

Onto lessons this morning I took a shower put my hair in a towel and dried off and slipped on my bathrobe on cause S (who is still alive by the grace of God more about that tomorrow) needed to use the bathroom and didnt want to use the one downstairs. If I were to dress first before putting contacts in I would have to wash my hands which is kind of senseless after taking a shower and she didnt want to see me naked. Well I will never ever never ever do that again anyone want to guess why not. Let me tell you why the bathrobe I own is 16 years old terrycloth most awesomest robe in the universe but it has fuzzys on it.

I went to put the right one in and it went in with no problems. The left one not so much it had collected fuzzys that were on my hands omg did that burn the eye and fuzzys not friends. Muliptle rinses with saline solution and it went in with no problems. Dad was out for supper it was a great visit and a very yummy supper.

Hope everyone is having a good day/evening

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pepper, fathers

Day one of J being gone and Pepper is still alive and Mike has been taking her out and stopping her from going after the stray cats maybe we can get her out of that habit.

Second yesterday was fathers day and I didnt post about fathers day my dad died at the age of 55 when he died I was 8. He was such a great dad from what I remember I always thought when I married I wasnt going to get that close to my father in law cause I thought it would be disrespectful of my dad. For a couple years in our marriage I stayed true to that belief then I got to thinking here is my second chance of having a dad and I have grown even more fond of my father in law watching him fight for my mom in law.

We spent part of the day yesterdaywith dad and it was emotional for us all his uncle found a picture of mom and dad when they were first married and it just bought back a flood of memorys for him. It was the sadness in his eyes that made the rest of us emotional. He is a great person and is a great dad to us.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Princess trouble, contact trouble and camp cadet

Oh my daughter has so lost her phone priviledges and she is grounded actually grounded doesnt even begin to describe what she is. Me and her dad will not tolerate her attitude in these texts she knows better.

Onto the contacts which I love but we (me and the right contact) had a disagreement today I got the sucker in and it was annoying me a little but I just brushed it off . It got worse and we were at a picnic at Drakes Well (where oil was discovered) so I asked Mike for his solution he uses it as drops walked to the restroom got the sucker out went to put it back in and it was nearly ripped in half so I spent most of the day with one contact in and one out we stopped by the house before we took J to camp cadet.

Camp cadet it was funny watching J checked in and did his shirt done and the troopers ordered them into formation and told them to face right and then to raise their right hand and wave bye to mom and dad hes in for a long week but it will be good for him.

We have had a busy weekend and I am glad its going to settle down here. Hope everyone is well.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Graduation party and princess trouble

S has her own cell phone with texting and the rule is that me and her dad will look at all texts before they are deleated from the kids phones well I think the princess in this house has been sending mean and nasty texts to one of J's friends and as soon as her battery is charged this will be verified and someone is going to be in big trouble and her phone priviledges are going to be suspended. Ah pre teens got to love them.

We went to my nieces graduation party today we almost had to have an ark to get there there has been a ton of rain in our area the last two days. Tomorrow we are going to a fathers day picnic then dropping J off at a local college for 5 days for camp cadet. I am going to miss him taking care of ms evilness and its going to be a long week lol please pray for me and Pepper lol. Still in love with my contacts I need to go take them out here in a bit though.

Hope everyone is having a good and not so wet weekend

Friday, June 19, 2009

Contacts and drama

The left contact went right in this morning the right one and I had a power struggle and I won lol after soaking it in contact solution for an extra 15 minutes I probably had soap on my fingers still loving them bought a pair of sunglasses boy is it bright out there.

Drama at my mom's In Feb she was admitted to the hospital by ambulance. Someone went into her house and stole her gun she was just going to let it go and me and my brother told her no it was going to be reported and it was and they knew who took it just couldnt prove it so it was closed.

Thursday night the gun was pulled on my cousin by her boyfriend(who we suspected stole the gun) my cousins son disarmed him by a 2x4 upside his head. The gun was given to a third party and my mom called the third party and the gun was returned and then my mom called the state police cause the idiot filed the serial number off it. So now they know who did it they are going to charge him with a bunch of charges.

I really dont like the kids over there and till this situation is resolved they wont be over there.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Eye Exam

I am so excited I have contacts in my eyes and they feel great and my eyes are the same prescription so I cant mix them up. It is so great the computer glare is gone yaaaay.

Another post later about drama going on over at my moms.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rain rain go away come back another day!!!

It's been raining all day we need the rain but my neighbors who are trying to go through their house and board up the top does not. My other neighbor will be happy though he wont have to come and water his daughters yard.

Mikes brother and his wife are coming out for supper we are having spaghetti, green beans and homemade bread. My sister in law has never had homemade bread. Then I am going to keep the boys over night and then J will watch them when we leave for an eye appt more about that tomorrow. My sister in law and I have always not had a good relationship but I promised mom that I would watch out for her and the boys cause she has no family to speak of except for us.

I am seriously considering contacts but we will see how tomorrow goes. Well that is it for today. Hope everyone is having a good and dry day

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Excitement in the Neighborhood

I was up all night sick and Mike got up at 9 and asked if I was getting up and I said no but I needed to be up soon though cause I had an appt over the phone.

I heard the fire alarm around 12 and heard J say house fire and he had to go. I didnt think anymore about it then Mike came rushing upstairs into our room and said do you have the neighbors cell number and I said no why and he said their house is on fire and left I get out of bed collect various cats and the beagle that was beside me and shut the bedroom door rush downstairs run outside to see our small towns fire dept call out orders as smoke is rolling out of their house.

Did I mention I am in my nightshirt. They are asking Mike if he knew if they were home or not if there was anyone in the house ( they werent) and they didnt have their grandkids. I ran back inside showered grabbed the phone and headed outside. Watching J and the guys work has never made me feel safer .

The fire was ruled electrical and the house is probably a total loss I did not take any pictures and will not be taking pictures I think that is rude and the police kept people from gawking and taking pictures also. But after the F.D.'s left there was almost 3 accidents from people gawking and driving. A total of 4 fire depts responded and I helped our other neighbor hand bottled water to fire fighters that had to be rotated out.

Please remember my neighbors in your prayers as her husband has been laid off since NOV. And support your local volunteer fire depts it could be your house they are saving.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Ah summertime in my house since we put central air in I feel like it could snow year round. Mike likes it cool in here I usually am found in jeans and a sweatshirt then when I go out people stare at me like I have three heads or something.

So excuse me while I either build a huge bonfire in the middle of the living room or pull out the thermostat to the A.C. and dance on it then start a bonfire I need to come up with a good excuse for the fire dept and the insurance company and mortage company.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


My father in law called us this morning and said we are coming out and bringing desert do you want us to bring supper to and I said no I had pulled out some chicken breasts and had enough for everyone I made some mashed taters and brocolli and cauliflower with cheese, the chicken breast I marinaded with lemon pepper marinade it was good.

My father in law brought Mikes aunt and uncle out we had a great visit and supper turned out really yummy. It was a nice time and I am glad they came out we hadnt seen them since Moms funeral and Mikes aunt had lost a sister a couple days before mom passed so it was really hard for her but she got through it. Which gives me faith this empty feeling in my heart will heal. I really do miss her especially on days like this.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fishing and D*vid L*tterman

This afternoon we got out and did a little bit of fishing we practice the catch and release pratice since we are not big fish eating people. Well I caught quite on accident a snapping turtle luckly Mike convinced him to give up the hook and the turtle kept the nightcrawler and he swam happily away so everyone but the worm is happy. The boys didnt catch anything and S is away with my friend.

There is a debate going on over at my friend Lyns blog about DL and SP it involves a certain top 10 list and on this list it was said something about A y**ankee raping one of her daughters and SP responded but to the wrong person and I say the writers were out of line and I am surprised the y**ankees have not defended their reputation. I see nothing funny about rape and I dont think it should be a joke. And Sp had every right to fight back but is it doing any good to argue with the host of the today show. I dont think so just improves everyones ratings is all.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend

Friday, June 12, 2009

Weird experience

Today while sitting in the Social Security office to have them make a copy of Mikes lay off notice and they were packed so after being asked for guns,knifes, cell phones,tools that could cause harm I said no and proceeded to sit and I sat down beside this older gentleman and he said wow you have a lot of hair ( I do) and I said thank you and he asked if I was going to sell it and I said I dont know.

Then he asked if he could run his fingers through it I said excuse me and he said it again I said ummmm no. So we sat there a couple more minutes me praying that they would hurry up so I could get away from him and he asked me again if he could run his fingers through my hair again I said no and then got up and told the security guard and he told the guy to stop asking me that. Finally some people cleared out and I was able to move away from this guy. Good lord in other news S has been accepted for summer camp they have a space reserved for her she is excited.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I dont know

Well its offical Mike is laid off. I dont know how I feel about this I want to scream to the Gods havent we had enough taking mom was bad enough. But on the other hand this may be a great chance for Mike to get better training which he is going to do.

I am trying to stay postive it doesnt do any good to be all sad and depressed although its not hard to do and if I find myself headed down that road I wont hesitate to call my doctor.

For now the house is protected and our mortage company and our lawyer and bankrupcty people are very willing to work with us. Because we made all of our payments faithfully the last time there will be no problems this time. Mike has 3 months of unemployment left and will be eligble for more cause of the training.

Our foodstamps will go up and I still dont feel bad about using them and my SSI will be there so right now we are covered but it seems like we just keep getting slammed with bad news. That needs to change and soon.

It could be worse we could have no income but I have to say this economy needs to start picking up. The other scary thing is Mike says he is not going back to his old job he is frustrated being laid off and then called back then laid off again and I totally support him and understand but he made good money there I see that as hard to walk away from. We will have good medical insurance till July 1st and maybe eligble for the reduced Cobra payment if he meets all criteria the lady couldnt take our word that the lay off was involuntary but whatever.

I am going to take a nap. Its been a long day with major grocery shopping done.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lay off train

I believe from what Mike says we will be riding th unemployment train again. I am okay with this cause he still has unemployment benefits left and he said that he is going to sign up for training this time. Wish us luck. This time will be nicer I hope
will be able to get out and do things as long as I try not to break anymore bones.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Its warm and muggy and I didnt sleep well last night and didnt sleep this morning and was up at 9 a.m. Cause my phone wouldnt stop ringing and I didnt want Mike woken up. He didnt sleep well either come to find out.

He asked what was for supper and I went through some choices and he said lets go to the store nothing I offered sounded good and I didnt really want to cook either.

We had a yummy chefs salad with ham, turkey, cheddar cheese,bacon bits and sunflower seeds, cucumbers, green peppers, spinach and a lettuce mixture with carrots. It was so good and light. I like suppers like that although I suspect Mikes insides may be in shock as he is not a veggie eater.

Monday, June 8, 2009

One Month

Tomorrow will be one month since Mom left us. I have learned some life lessons I dont know if they are good or bad I could have lived without knowing I do know this for sure I miss her terribly.

1. In my world there is no more innocence of a simple illness I hope this will go away with time. (I dont think people will die from a simple cold though).

2. I love my father in law more then I knew watching him take care of my mil and sit there for hours praying and telling her all the good things that they had really touched me and I see him in a whole new light. For me that is big cause I lost my dad at 8 and always held fil at a distance cause I didnt want to experience that hurt again.

3. Its okay to let the nurses know what a loved one needs without being bitchy or them being bitchy at us they never told us they were to busy and always made her their priority.

4. Everyone needs a living will and talk to your family and make it know what your wishes are this includes organ donation.

5. Ask questions to the drs and nurses dont take for granted they know what they are doing ask and if you dont understand ask again.

6. Its okay to let your love one die with diginty and its not ask scary as I thought.

7. I am a lot stronger then I gave myself credit for. My husband and his brothers are a lot stronger then I gave them credit for.

8. Its okay to cry cry at the hospital cry anywhere my favorite place was the shower.

9. Funeral home directors are very understanding when you borrow a folding chair to prop a broken foot in a huge walking boot. Also they make dress pants that fit over above mentioned huge walking boot.

10. Life is precious we need to enjoy every little flower every little moment. Cherish the ones you love. ( yes this includes my mom I am trying).

11. Its okay to be angry with God but let it go.

12. Its okay to admit that your sad

13. I can function on 2 or 3 hours sleep and make wise decisions.

14. Friends (Caroline, Lyn just to mention a few) offered prayers without knowing what a wonderful person she was and for that I thank them and want to let them know that touched me more then anything at the time.

There are a ton more lessons I have learned but I have rambled on enough I will cherish the memorys and the love she offered for the short 17 years that I knew her.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

When to take responsibilty

In Pa if you qualify you can get some of your property taxes back and this year cause I was patient enough to get copies and all the paperwork together and sent it in. They will give us 250 dollars back on July 1st.

This money is going to help me buy my bike I want. Yesterday my mom called and said if she didnt get 700 dollars by the first of July they would take her house for lack of taxes being paid. She wants me and my two brothers to loan her each 200 dollars so she can pay her property taxes. My one brother lives there yes he should help her pay them. I am not sure where my other brother and I fit into this mess.

First she got 250 in stimulas money she could have put towards back taxes second how do we get there that this is our problem I understand that people get behind but she has to be behind almost 2 years. I suppose I could lend her the money but when does it end when does she get the responsibilty of growing up.

I have been telling her that she needs to start preparing for end of life decisions and her funeral and final resting place. She tells me that is our job as in her children to pay for that. I know that with my bills and house payment I dont have the money to do that. It should be her responsibilty as should the property taxes.

Thank you for listening to me grumble

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Not much going on

BoldToday we went to Mikes cousins graduation party she is fairly young but had lost a much older husband to a blood clot sold their house and put herself through college she took classes to be an assistant to a Physical therapist. It was a nice party.

My father in law had brought S a present and gave her a card the bracelet mom had picked up and put away before she died and dad had bought S a card and told her how proud he was of her. This brought tears to my eyes cause dad is not known for his tender side lol. Although he was really great with mom and making sure she was protected and kept comfortable.

Came home and took a long nap I just needed a time out. From the kids and my mom and just almost everything. More on my mom tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend

Friday, June 5, 2009

Its a busy busy busy world

I am a bad bad bad (okay not that bad) blogger. Yesterday my phone rang and it was a family friend that was related to my brother Daryl (long story that I am not sure of) my brother Daryl died in 2004 and left behind 4 girls and 1 boy. Well my sister in law moved and we werent sure where she had moved to but the friend always kept me informed of things.

She asked if I would like to go to a graduation and I said sure whos two of my nieces graduated High School yesterday one with high honors. S's 6th grade graduation had me feeling old but that was nothing to seeing them graduate high school.

But before that I went to be fitted for my brace it will take about 3 weeks to make I cant wait that will mean I can leave my walking boot in the dust.

In other news the kids and Mike have new bikes and Mike said he would like to start riding some trails so we were talking and because I qualify for some of our property tax back I have decided that I am going to buy a bike also but not any old bike I am buying a trike as in a 3 wheeled one. I am afraid that I would fall from a two wheeler and I really dont want to break anymore bones. I am excited.

One more thing with the kids home my brain thinks it Saturday it will be Saturday till they go back to school. Hope everyone is having a great day

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My awesome friend wrote this for me

> I> watched a sunset tonight and> thought> > of> you. It has been days since the> light> > retreated> from your eyes and your sweet> > soul> drew her last true breath. I have oft> > wondered> about that moment when you> > finally> wandered off into a realm where> > I> could not follow – did you hurt? Were> > you> afraid? Did you feel me with you on> > that> warm Spring morning?> > > > I> watched a sunset tonight and imagined> > you> next to me. A soft breeze tickles my> > face> as the sky is bathed in shades of red.> > Your> favorite color – our favorite color. I> > closed> my eyes and listened to you laugh.> > You> made me want to be a better person.> > Thank> you for loving me – you changed> > my> life. And thank you for the sunset.> >


The day got off to a rocky start we had to go pick up my mom we got there and she said she couldnt go cause she wasnt feeling well. Which started tears on so many different levels. 1st I was angry that she didnt try to call, 2nd I was dissappointed that no grandparents would be there to witness this wonderful event. 3rd I was just sad. To make matters worse we got lost which made us late. Let me add Mike wasnt able to go which didnt help my mood.

I was about 10 minutes late and the ceremony had already started but they were going through honor roll kids almost half the class ( all 6th graders) made honor roll then to my wonderful surprise Ms S received a presidental achivement award signed by our president and a pin. So it turned out to be a good day despite the rocky start. A teacher and a student played amazing grace on the guitars for the gym teacher that had passed away in feb it was amazing. Them are the highlights I wasnt able to get any good pictures because I was so far in the back.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Little girls that grow up

Tomorrow is S's last day as an elementary school student in Sept she will be in the Middle school at the high school. We argue about make up the rule is 13. We finally broke down and bought her own pre paid cell phone (J has one to). We will still check all texts and calls.

I remember right after she was born and the dr said its a girl and we said look again we dont get girls. She has been on the honor roll all 4 grading periods this year and that is impressive considering we have had 2 deaths of people that mattered to her very much.

She is growing into a young lady that is passionate about what she believes so tomorrow as I watch the baby of the family graduate from elementary school there will be tears tears for her grammy that will be there in spirt and tears for the little girl that is getting left behind and the young lady that will take her place that will bring new worries make up, boys and I suspect her attitude is just going to grow and grow.

J flourished in middle school I am hoping the same for S I hope that her dream of wanting to become a lawyer becomes a reality she would be good at it believe me.

Monday, June 1, 2009


My brother has rescued about 4 painted turtles this week he brings them home takes their picture either puts them in the empty fish tank we have or shows the kids and takes them to a safe place and releases them.

He has been releasing them over by french creek tomorrow I will show you the pictures some of them have been pretty good sized.